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Arts of Hong Kong 2022: HKRep announces 2022-23 season – Together in Theatre

The Hong Kong Repertory Theatre has announced their 45th anniversary season. Under the theme “Together in Theatre”, the company is set to offer exciting and exhilarating productions including new works as well as iconic masterpieces for all to savour. Season highlights include distinguished Hong Kong Playwright Raymond To’s Love à la Zen, former Resident Playwright He Jiping’s masterpiece The Top Restaurant, artistic director Anthony Chan’s farewell work All Good Things, Poon Wai Sum’s black comedy Confrontations, the premiere of Cantonese musical The Impossible Trial and February 14 – a musical, as well as four Black Box productions: Sœurs, Female No7, Rose of Nightingale and The Precious One.

Artistic Director Anthony Chan explains, “The capriciousness of the COVID-19 pandemic in the past two years has plunged our society to its depths, and the HKRep also experienced its share of hardship, when many of our productions were forced to cancel. Fortunately, our entire team is united in overcoming countless difficulties. We not only fulfill our duties but also remain spirited and passionate in planning the 45th anniversary season of the HKRep. This season, with the theme “Together in Theatre”, we have invited many friends with ties to the HKRep to join us in bringing new works as well as iconic masterpieces by noted local playwrights onto the stage.”

Main Stage Productions

Love à la Zen
16th to 31st July 2022 at Hong Kong City Hall Theatre

Photo by Lee Wai Leung

After years of dating Jing, Sau disappears. Tired of the mundane world, he enters a monastery where his friend Master Chi Yuen presides. At a church wedding, a bridegroom Ching falters in his vows, provoking his bride Mei Na to call off the ceremony. As Sau brings Ching along to study with Chi Yuen, Jing refuses to accept her lover’s change of heart, takes Mei Na to the temple, even flirting with Chi Yuen! Can these characters find inner peace when a monk is embroiled in the romantic skirmishes of two couples? Premiered in 1996 and was revived in 1998, Love à la Zen is written by Raymond To and directed by Assistant Artistic Director Fung Wai Hang.

The Impossible Trial- a musical 
9th to 25th September 2022 at Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre, West Kowloon Cultural District

Photo by Man Ching KC

Fong Tong Geng, Guangdong’s most prominent advocate, is known for his greed and malice. But at the height of his career heaven deals him a blow and his reputation and wealth are lost overnight. Haunted by the bitter ghost of a childhood friend, Fong fights his way back to the magistrate to right his wrongs and redeem himself as the champion of the common man. Commissioned by Freespace, and co-presented and co-produced by HKRep and Freespace, The Impossible Trial – a musical is composed by Leon Ko, with lyrics by Chris Shum, written by Cheung Fei Fan and directed by Fong Chun Kit.

24th September to 8th October 2022 at The Box, Freespace, Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District

Photo by Lee Wai Leung

Some say she’s a centurion. Having lived alone for years, she announces her self-exile on her proclaimed 100th birthday, when she plans to move from month to month to the homes of her three children until the day she can no longer walk, where she’ll stay put until she meets her Maker. Her three children all suffer from their own family strife and personal problems. When they hear their mother’s new strategic plan, they are all at a loss. This is the last straw in their beleaguered existence. Will they survive this test? Confrontations is written and directed by Poon Wai Sum, bringing to the stage the love and sorrow of a multigenerational family. 

The Top Restaurant
3rd to 11th December 2022 at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre

Photo by Lee Wai Leung

After the owner of Fujude – the most renowned duck restaurant in Beijing – retires from ill-health, his two lacklustre sons run the business to the ground. In comes Lu Mengshi who turns Fujude around within a few years. When the brothers witness the rising tide, they vow to fight Lu in regaining their rightful share! The Top Restaurant, which launched the career of former HKRep resident playwright He Jiping, is hailed as a theatrical masterpiece of contemporary realism, winning such accolades as the Ministry of Culture’s Wenhua Prize and Cao Yu Theatre Award. The Top Restaurant premiered at the Beijing People’s Art Theatre in 1988, then travelled to Hong Kong and toured Europe, United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. It was subsequently adapted as an acclaimed TV drama. Following the mainland production of Deling and Cixi, director Roy Szeto chooses a modern approach to this He Jiping classic, welcoming former HKRep actor Tse Kwan Ho in the cast.

February 14 – a musical
24th February to 5th March 2023 at Tuen Mun Town Hall Cultural Activities Hall

Photo by Lee Wai Leung

“Best Friends Forever” Doris, Venus and Fiona make a pact that each must find true love within a year… Although they might trip and fall along the winding road, they persevere despite pain and injuries thanks to each other’s support and care as they grow and learn from one relationship to another. Eighteen years on, the HKRep and Yat Po Singers co-produce a brand-new production directed by Lau Shau Ching, injecting a cappella sound to this light-hearted romantic musical. 

All Good Things
11th to 26th March 2023 at Hong Kong Arts Centre Shouson Theatre

Photo by BLUER, Lee Wai Leung

Roger studies business in America, yet he feels the creative pull of the theatre arts. Sometime in the 1970s while on summer vacation, he worked at his uncle’s Orchid Garden Restaurant, hoping to reenter the fresh orbit of Hong Kong life. He runs into many problems with his job, but these encounters teach him essential life lessons. His uncle’s business philosophy and generosity also give him hope, equipping the young man with determination to forge ahead through disappointing times. By the 1980s, Roger has completed his degree and returns, witnessing the city’s rapid transformation, but Orchid Garden cannot escape its fate. Following the award-winning A Simple Life, filmmaker Roger Lee unearths another precious personal story, co-writing All Good Things with HKRep Artistic Director Anthony Chan, who directs this new play about Hong Kong’s yesteryears. 

Black Box Productions

3rd to 18th June 2022 at HKRep Black Box

Photo by Lee Wai Leung

When two sisters reunite from afar after their mother’s death, painful memories resurface from their childhood and of their father’s utter failure. Like a broken mirror, deep in the cracks is still the desire for love, no matter how hopeless. Their reunion turns into a tumultuous and vicious confrontation that the two cannot escape, no matter how hard they try. How did the sisters survive those intervening years? Sœurs, penned by renowned theatre and film director, dramatist and choreographer Pascal Rambert, has appeared in French and Spanish versions directed by the playwright himself. For this Cantonese production, Rambert collaborates with company members Karrie Tan and Mercy Wong, bringing this fine international work to Hong Kong audiences.

Female No7
2nd to 16th July 2022 at HKRep Black Box

Photo by Lee Wai Leung

Armed with an indefatigable spirit, a middle-aged woman – “7” – weathers both good and bad times. Despite hits and misses, she crafts a life that is uniquely her own. Although she’s convinced that her slaphappy ways sustain her, strange people and unbelievable events in our bizarre world make her ponder the meaning of “7”… Female N°7 is created by HKRep company member Mercy Wong, who utilizes her own perspective in moulding this appealing character. When it was presented in the Prospects Theatre – Playwright’s Scheme X in 2015, Female N°7 received unanimous praise. Directed by HKRep company member Yau Ting Fai, this production guides us in examining the singular life of “7”.

Rose of Nightingale
9th to 21st December 2022 at HKRep Black Box

Photo by Lee Wai Leung

During the Crimean War, many soldiers died from unhygienic conditions in army hospitals and antiquated medical practice. Known as “The Lady with the Lamp”, Florence Nightingale is determined to introduce reforms, yet her actions incite accusations and betrayals entrapping her in political turmoil outside the battlefield. In the face of external challenges and her own misgivings, can she adhere to her original aspiration and rise to the occasion? A trial revisits medical practice of that historical period, at the same time opening a debate on the essence of life. When the value of life is classified according to social status and financial well-being, what role can the medical profession play? Rose of Nightingale is written by Ip Kwan Bok Michael and directed by Becca Cheung and Lo Yee King Kingston.

The Precious One (The Open Platform)
18th March to 1st April 2023 at HKRep Black Box

Photo by Lee Wai Leung

Ever since he was a child, Kwan Yat lives with Granny. After he enters university and moves into a dormitory, she is left alone at home, living only with her memories. Granny may appear strong, yet behind her banter is an immeasurable sense of emptiness. Hot soups and tasty dishes accompany every heartfelt reunion, symbols of both love and care. Wary to see Granny suffering in solitude, Kwan Yat makes a plan to help her, step by step. Although the conversations between Granny and grandson seem ordinary, both characters are well aware that time is cruel. Kwan Yat hopes that Granny can fulfill her wish in her limited time left…The Precious One is written by Lai Sin In and directed by Near Fung and Fiona Yim.

Full programme and tickets to HKRep’s 2022-23 season available here

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