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Art What!: ART SG Announces Exhibitor List for Inaugural Edition in January 2023 with over 150 leading international galleries

ART SG, the new international art fair for Singapore and Southeast Asia, will launch its inaugural edition in Singapore on 12 – 15 January 2023 (VIP Preview 11 January 2023) at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. Presented by Founding and Lead Partner UBS and organized by The Art Assembly, ART SG will bring together over 150 leading galleries from around the world, marking the launch of the first fair of such scale and international significance in the region. ART SG will offer a meeting point in Southeast Asia for collectors from the region and beyond to convene and engage with one of the world’s most dynamic cultural landscapes.

As a key hub within the Southeast Asia region, home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world, Singapore’s status as a leading centre of wealth is further accentuated by its rapidly developing cultural scene. This has created an ideal nexus for the region’s extensive and knowledgeable collector base to gather and connect with artists, curators and other cultural stakeholders. ART SG will further capitalise on the city’s position at the forefront of technological innovation by highlighting new experimentations in digital art and works on the blockchain, alongside the presentation of internationally renowned galleries together for the first time in Singapore. 

The first edition brings together over 150 leading galleries from 30 countries across the world. In addition to the main GALLERIES sector, ART SG will present FOCUS, a contextualised sector featuring galleries presenting solo or duo artist programmes, or curated thematic presentations, FUTURES, a sector dedicated to supporting young galleries under the age of six years, presenting specially created presentations for ART SG, and REFRAME, for galleries presenting art that is engaged with, made or presented using digital technology, which includes digital painting, animation, immersive installations, augmented or virtual reality, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). ART SG will also present public art programmes of large-scale site-specific installations, a curated film sector, as well as critical and thought-provoking talks and education.

“As Southeast Asia’s most selective and largest art fair to date, the launch of ART SG will create a defining moment in Asia’s cultural landscape and shine a spotlight on Singapore. The scale and caliber of our inaugural exhibitor list demonstrates a strong commitment and shared belief in the importance of the art market in the region. With the support of our exceptional partners, stakeholders, Advisory Group and team, ART SG will be a new platform with global significance on the cultural landscape to bring the international community to Singapore each January to experience the best of contemporary art from Southeast Asia and around the world,” said Magnus Renfrew, Co-Founder, ART SG.

“We believe the launch of ART SG will crystallise Singapore’s position as an exceptional cultural venue within the international art landscape. We look forward to welcoming collectors and galleries from Southeast Asia and around the world to Singapore in January 2023. With the return of large scale events to Singapore, we have observed a heightened regional demand for stimulating engagements, conversations, experiences with art. Through bringing the international art world to a location closer to home, ART SG will not only invite the world’s leading collectors and art leaders to experience Singapore and all that the region has to offer, but also encourage a new generation of emerging collectors to be inspired by the rich diversity of art immediately at our doorstep,” commented Shuyin Yang, Fair Director, ART SG.

“The launch of ART SG in January with such an impressive list of world-class galleries is testament to the strength and potential this fair has for Singapore, and for the art scene in Southeast Asia. As Founding and Lead Partner of ART SG, we see great potential in the regional art market, and expect ART SG to become a showcase event for UBS, and for Singapore. Supporting this new flagship platform will provide the art loving public and UBS clients access to the most important galleries, dynamic artists, and artwork available today,” said August Hatecke, Co-Head Wealth Management Asia Pacific, UBS Global Wealth Management Country Head UBS Singapore.

ART SG runs from 12th to 15th January 2023 at Marina Bay Sands. More information available here

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