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T:>Works launches digital library, T:>Digital with a new website

T:>Works launches a brand new digital library, T:>Digital, with a new website, tworksasia.org. A first of its kind, T:>Digital is a virtual locus that carries T:>Works’ commitment to contextualising histories, contemporary experiences, and situated art practices in Singapore and larger Asia. Under the artistic direction of Dr. Ong Keng Sen, T:>Works continues to pioneer cross-cultural collaborations, from nomadic residency, The Flying Circus Project and founding of Arts Network Asia, to most recent developments of The Curators Academy and PerForm research fellowship. In this spirit, T:>Digital is the company’s latest development in furthering thought leadership in transcultural, transdisciplinary, and inclusive processes within and beyond the arts, and in the new digitalcentric milieu.

Cutting across geographies and time zones, the digital library embodies a border porous space for idea exchange. The growing collection of works on T:>Digital include PerForm and Curating No-Thing lecture series, and the hybrid production, The Swimming Pool Library. The collection is developed with artists, curators, researchers, and writers, including Shubigi Rao, Ho Rui An, Nurul Huda Rashid, Brian Gothong Tan, and T:>Works Artistic Director Dr. Ong Keng Sen. Each transdisciplinary work is rooted in locales within Asia, addressing topics on labour and economy, knowledge production, gender and identity, being and becoming, vis-à-vis art and research practices. This constellation of works across Asia reflect emergent practices of gathering, sharing knowledge, and experiencing performance in the digital realm.

Says Dr. Ong Keng Sen, Artistic Director of T:>Works, “The consistent research, experimentation, and development of digital and hybrid creations began as a necessary response to restrictions imposed on live performance over the past two years. However, the stage of the digital realm has turned what was once ephemeral into something more enduring — new processes and practices emerging out of this digital turn are enabling ways of connecting to one another in situated and porous ways. There is a collective desire and momentum to continue bridging communities and activating international dialogue across the digital realm. T:>Digital recognises our international collaborations and audiences, and the dialogues and works crucial to our contemporary contexts and collective futures.”

T:>Works invites audiences from around the world to experience T:>Digital with an affordable and inclusive annual membership of S$28, which includes five credits that can be used to redeem and experience works within the digital library. Subscribers may also choose to redeem credits to one live-streamed digital event at T:>Works within their subscription year, for instance the upcoming hybrid production #Metazomia by Brian Gothong Tan in November 2022. As a digital library and more, T:>Digital is a platform that reflects the continued artistic development and thought leadership of T:>Works.

Visit the digital library can be found on T:>Works’ new website, tworksasia.org.

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