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Preview: Singapore Improv Festival 2022

This September, the Singapore Improv Festival (SIF) returns to bring back the joy of live improvised theatre the Aliwal Arts Center. Featuring performances by over 40 Improv teams from Korea, Australia, Philippines and the US, the Singapore Improv Festival presents completely unscripted stories created with nothing but a little help from the audience and the performers’ own creativity. Due to its uniquely spontaneous and adaptive nature, no two improv shows are ever the same, and they can span multiple genres such as comedy, drama, science fiction, and even musicals. 

Explaining this year’s theme for SIF, Kim Tan, Co-founder and Creative Director of The Improv Company said, “Going back to live theater after the pandemic was one of the great joys for people around the world. ‘Dream Live Breathe’ is about the resilience and anticipation of this joy that kept us going and brought us together. We look forward to gathering Improvisers from around the world on the Singapore stage once again and showcase the best of Singapore’s alternative theater and art scene.”

The Improv Company, Singapore’s first and largest Improv Theater institute, has seen the improv community grow exponentially in Singapore since the last festival, reporting a two-fold increase in monthly Taster Session attendances and having showcased 155 performances during 2021 alone.  

Alongside shows, SIF will also hold workshops for those curious about improv. Classes will be held for all skill levels, and members of the public are welcome to try out the many workshops, from honing acting skills or try a teaser course, and simply introduce the improv spirit into their life.

Singapore Improv Festival 2022 runs from 22nd to 25th September 2022 at Aliwal Arts Centre. More information available here

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