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Preview: Singapore Flamenco Festival 2022 – VIVIR!!!

Running from 21st to 25th September 2022, Flamenco Sin Fronteras proudly presents the fifth edition of its Singapore Flamenco Festival 2022 – VIVIR!!! Themed “VIVIR!!!” or “LIVE!!!”, the festival examines the beauty of life and the human condition, reminding the audience of what it means to connect to one another through live music and dance.

Singapore Flamenco Festival 2022 VIVIR!!! features performances from international guests, Cristina Aguilera (dancer), David Caro (guitarist) and Miguel Lavi (singer), who are among some of the best contemporary artistes from Spain. Together with Singapore’s local talents, the festival showcases three powerful performances, along with the opportunity to understand more about flamenco through an introductory seminar workshop.

Feel the spirit of evocation with DUENDE, a flamenco performance created in collaboration with local dancers and musicians and our guest flamenco singer, Miguel Lavi, and guitarist, David Caro. Dancers explore the range of human emotions through a variety of flamenco dances and styles, from sorrow and pain, to happiness and joy, drawing audiences into an unforgettable journey of life.

TARAB enchants with its blend of flamenco singing, dancing and guitar with poetry in honour of Federico García Lorca by Curro Albaicín. Cristina Aguilera and her fellow musicians will draw audiences into a trance-like state of ecstasy as the soulful voice of deep song and the melodic strumming of guitar are juxtaposed against fast rhythmic footwork, percussive clicking of castanets and the grace and beauty of the flamenco shawl.

Audiences curious to find out more about flamenco can join Artistic Director Antonio Vargas and international guests Cristina Aguilera, David Caro and Miguel Lavi at the Flamenco Seminar – Public Workshop. This introductory seminar workshop offers insights into the history and culture of flamenco, and features live demonstrations from guest performers.

AMALGAMA brings an exciting close to the Singapore Flamenco Festival 2022 VIVIR!!!, uniting musicians from a melting pot of cultures in a powerful piece that combines their instrumentation and musical styles with flamenco.

With an eclectic mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian ethnic music, modern jazz and latin influences, amalgamating with flamenco, AMALGAMA reminds us how different cultures living together can blend, mix, and eventually create a new voice together.

Artistic Director of the Singapore Flamenco Festival 2022 VIVIR!!!, Antonio Vargas, shares that “One of the aims of the Singapore Flamenco Festival 2022 is to reconnect audiences back to live atmospheres after a long period of lost social and emotional connectivity. It is therefore fitting that our productions explore the spectrum of the human condition, culminating in a production that celebrates a world united.”

Singapore Flamenco Festival 2022 – VIVIR!!! runs from 21st to 25th September 2022. More information available here

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