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SIFA 2018: 0600 by Ground Z-0 (Review)

Silence is power in this immersive tour that summons the ghosts of the past to the National Gallery.  It’s 10pm at the National Gallery, long after opening hours have ceased, […]

SIFA 2018: Jacob Collier (Review)

  The modern day music prodigy showcases a legion of voices and talent in spades in his Singapore debut.  Making a claim to fame via YouTube videos often receives a […]

SIFA 2018: 0600 by Ground Z-0 (Preview)

Singaporean artist Zelda Tatiana Ng has set up an all new collective, and she’s breaking new ground this April with the premiere of their maiden production: 0600 at the Singapore International Festival […]

SIFA 2018: Jacob Collier (Preview)

At just 23 years old, Jacob Collier has already been hailed as a musical prodigy, not to mention, is already a two-time Grammy Award winner. The multi-instrumentalist makes his local […]