Main_Jacob Collier_by Betsy Newman

At just 23 years old, Jacob Collier has already been hailed as a musical prodigy, not to mention, is already a two-time Grammy Award winner. The multi-instrumentalist makes his local stage debut at the 2018 Singapore International Festival of the Arts at the historical Victoria Theatre this April.

Although often referred to as a jazz genius, Collier’s music spans multiple genres and refuses to conform to a single label. Growing up in a musical family, Collier first came to attention when he achieved a meteoric rise to fame with his homemade multi-track YouTube videos going viral. Collier espouses every aspect of the word ‘independent’, as a singer, composer, arranger, instrumentalist and producer of his own music, and released his debut album In My Room in 2016, consisting entirely of songs recorded in his London home. The album went on to nab him his Grammys, topping the jazz charts and heralding the arrival of a new genius on the scene.

Don’t miss this chance to catch the young genius live, and allow his incredible mastery over re-harmonising the most varied of genres and popular tunes to fill your ears and very soul with wonder at the power one man’s music can hold.

Photo Credit: Betsy Newman


Jacob Collier plays at the Victoria Theatre on 27th  and 28th April. Tickets available here

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