Singaporean artist Zelda Tatiana Ng has set up an all new collective, and she’s breaking new ground this April with the premiere of their maiden production: 0600 at the Singapore International Festival of the Arts.

0600 is a mixed-media performance/presentation about the death penalty in Singapore. Through multilingual text based off some of Singapore’s most infamous and grisly crimes, 0600 will have audiences tracing the history of various death penalty cases, and seeing it from all fronts – from victims, family members, defendant lawyers, prison wardens and death row inmates themselves. Taking place at the National Gallery, which itself used to house the former Supreme Court and the City Hall, 0600 takes on new symbolic significance with its site-specificity, and audience members walk a route that brings them past former holding cells for defendants, all the way to the courtroom.

Directed by Zelda Tatiana Ng, with a cast comprising Adib Kosnan, Grace Kalaiselvi, Lina Yu, Suhaili Safari and Vignesh Singh, watch as Ground Z-0 peels back the layers of the present to reveal the horrors of the past, and consider the full gamut of emotions that the death penalty incites in each and every person involved in these shocking crimes.

0600 plays at the National Gallery from 27th April – 3rd May. Tickets are sold out.

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