For the first time since their inception, Pangdemonium! will be presenting an original play – TANGO by acclaimed local playwright Joel Tan!

Receiving its world premiere in May, TANGO was inspired by true events from the blog “4 Relative Strangers” by James Williams, the pseudonym for the real Koh-Waites who outraged a Chinese restaurant in Singapore who couldn’t accept their presence as the adopted parents of two sons. Not to be confused as a play about the similarly titled children’s book “And Tango Makes Three” that stirred up controversy with its content about two male penguins adopting a baby, TANGO follows the story of Singaporean banker Kenneth and British teacher Liam, a married couple and the loving, adoptive parents of 12-year-old Jayden, a boy saved from a broken home as they learn to live as an alternative family in idyllic suburban England.

But when Kenneth returns to Singapore to care for his ailing father, a controversy blows up and various individuals from all walks of life get pulled in and only add to the storm. A fragile family begins to crumble, old wounds between a father and son rip open, a blossoming love affair is nipped in the bud, and an elderly woman sees her simple world-view turned inside out. And of course at the heart of it all is Jayden, forced into growing up fast as he learns the true meaning of ‘family values’ the hard way.

TANGO, as with all Pangdemonium productions, will be directed by the critically acclaimed and award-wining Tracie Pang. Starring Koh Boon Pin, Emil Marwa, Lim Kay Siu, Lok Meng Chue, Anita Kapoor, Benjamin Chow, Ruzaini Mazani, and introduces Dylan Jenkins. Asking urgent and provocative questions about love, acceptance, compassion, tradition, and the infuriating complexities of family, TANGO promises to be a fiercely relevant 21st century fable that promotes a wider view of the meaning of ‘family’, and under Pangdemonium, is sure to move you with its humanity.

TANGO (R18) plays at the Drama Centre Theatre from 19 May to 4 June. Tickets available here

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