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SIFA 2017: Dragonflies by Pangdemonium (Preview)


Set in the not so distant future of 2021, where climate change is causing natural disasters all over the world and the political climate is a wreck, with the collapse of the Western world and religious extremism at its peak, the United Kingdom (and other nation), is clamping down on immigration.

At the heart of the play is Leslie Chen, whose world is quite literally crumbling all around him as coastlines recede and he’s forced to return to Singapore from his adopted home of England. Confronting his homeland anew, a complete change from the place he remembers as a child, Leslie’s life comes undone as the crises and conflicts around him escalate further still, as he asks himself what exactly home means?

Pangdemonium’s Dragonflies marks their second new play of 2017, following the well-received Tango earlier in the year.  Its name inspired by the concept of how dragonflies migrate halfway across the world, Dragonflies seeks to explore the human race’s primal need to constantly move to greener pastures for survival while attempting to navigate the new, uncertain world filled with insane politicians and mad bombers. Is there still a safe space we can call home?

Dragonflies will be performed in English with some Mandarin dialogue with English surtitles at the Victoria Theatre from 24th – 26th August. Tickets available here 


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