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Month: September 2017

Review: Fun Home by Pangdemonium

In 2006, Dykes to Watch Out For cartoonist Alison Bechdel released a graphic novel memoir of her life. That book was Fun Home, and has since gone on to garner a huge fan […]

Review: The Road to Mandalay dir. Midi Z

Myanmar born Taiwanese film director Midi Z makes a triumphant return to cinema after his 2014 film Ice Poison (selected as Taiwan’s entry to the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film in […]

Review: The Marker dir. Justin Edgar

Trust a British neo-noir film to get horribly dark. The Marker takes viewers on a pitch black path into the realm of the criminal underbelly lurking right beneath the tranquil surface of […]

Review: Hot Pot Talk – Theatre and the Arts

“I had a conversation recently,” says Adib Kosnan. The thirteen member strong audience shifts around to indicate how much they agree with the statement (most do). “I had a good conversation recently,” […]

Review: The Great Food Festival 2017

RWS and Savour have spared no expense in setting up for The Great Food Festival: a ballroom in the basement level of the RWS Conventions Centre, for example, has been […]