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Preview: Flying Through Time by Resorts World Sentosa


If you’ve heard of Korean theatrical extravaganzas such as NANTA, JUMP and BEAT, then you’ll be overjoyed to hear that the brains behind these performances Choi Chul Ki will be returning to our shores this December with an all new show that promises an epic performance with more that’s more epic than ever, with a big heart, and even bigger stunts!


Earlier this year, Choi has already worked with Resorts World Sentosa on their previous original production CHEF: Bibimbap vs Chilli Crab in June, and brought his bestselling show JUMP to the theatre earlier this month. Now, Choi is back with Flying Through Time, an all new adaptation of Choi’s show FLYing (which played at the Esplanade in 2012), given a localized twist and starring local actors Joshua Tan and Melody Low.



Billed as a ‘sport-formance’, similar to Choi’s other works, Flying Through Time will feature an international cast of performers who will wow and delight audiences with stunts and sports choreography throughout its 75 minute run. With a timeless tale of good triumphing over evil, Flying Through Time follows the noble Korean warrior Tiger as he chases the evil Dark X through time into modern day Singapore, as the antagonist attempts to acquire a mythical relic of immense power. Taking place in the fictitious ‘MerTiger Academy’ on Sentosa, watch as Tiger engages in fight after fight as Dark X attempts to transform the school’s cheerleading team into vicious monsters, while romance blossoms between Tiger and a mysterious cheerleader who bears more than a passing resemblance to his past girlfriend Melly. Can he overcome evil and save the world once and for all?


At the forefront of the performance is actor Joshua Tan as protagonist Tiger. Best known for his roles in Jack Neo’s Ah Boys To Men film series, Flying Through Time will mark the first time Tan will be acting in a live theatrical performance, and an extremely high concept, fitness heavy one at that. Speaking to him, Tan was humble and even considered himself “the weakest link” with his lack of stage experience compared to the Korean actors, and even ex-national athletes such as Malaysian Rhythmic Gymnast Jaime Lee Yoke Jeng, who will play Tiger’s love interest Melly, and Mongolian B-Boy dancer Batbold Tegsh-Ochir.

Considered a hunky heart throb by his fans, Tan recently gained 20kg for the latest Ah Boys To Men film, and took Flying Through Time as an opportunity to widen his breadth of experience and better encourage him to get back into shape again. Even though Tan is an avid fitness enthusiast with a background in Muay Thai, that didn’t stop the intensive training sessions held in South Korea from being incredibly taxing, taking place almost daily from 11am to 9pm. Despite all these challenges, Tan is incredibly inspired to be working alongside his talented cast, and knows that he will put in his absolute best onstage come December, and we couldn’t be more supportive of the young star.


Besides Tan, Flying Through Time will also be starring local starlet Melody Low, a freelance actress-model and ex-finalist in the 2012 Miss Universe Singapore beauty pageant. Having previous appeared as an FHM model as well, it makes complete sense that she has been cast as Sexy, one of the school’s curvaceous cheerleaders.


Beyond Joshua and Melody though, Flying Through Time will also be ‘starring’ some familiar names you may have heard of locally. In an effort to engage and showcase local talent more, Resorts World Sentosa has also partnered up with local institutions Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) to assist on the production aspects of the show. For the first time ever, NAFA students helped design a range of costumes for the show’s thirteen characters, scenic facades and the logo for the MerTiger Academy, while NYP students assisted in developing and producing a thirty second animated video that will be screened at the beginning of the show to set the scene, utilizing 2D and 3D modelling and digital editing inspired by the architecture of ancient Korea and the Singapore skyline.


Speaking to third year NYP students Mingrou and Nisa, who were handpicked from the cohort of animation students to work on the project, we found out the immense amount of work that went into creating the short video, which they have been working on for the past month in addition to their usual academic workload. After being sent the video used in Choi’s previous production FLYing, the two were given free reign to adapt it for the new show, and took inspiration from Korean period dramas to learn how best to depict the ancient houses in the video, and had to figure out how best to showcase the passage of time as these houses ‘fly through time’ to transport audiences to modern day Singapore. These are both extremely talented individuals (Nisa has even interned with Disney Singapore!), and it’s an incredibly forward looking initiative on both RWS and NYP’s part to have allowed this collaboration to happen to open more doors for talent of the future and give them a better glimpse into the prospects the industry offers once they graduate.


From what we’ve seen at the media preview, we can only expect to be wowed by the innovative show, which promises to comprise of a whirlwind of acts from cheerleading, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, taekwondo and more, along with a story that’s full of comedy, romance and drama. RWS is certain to end off their theatrical year with a bang and fun-filled experience with these bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young talents, willing to give it their all to put on a good show for all its audience members, and we’re personally looking forward to the many gasp-worthy moments that the show will no doubt be chock full of.

Flying Through Time plays at the Resorts World Sentosa Theatre from 9th December 2017 to 21st January 2018. Tickets available from SISTIC and Resorts World Sentosa. PAssion Card members can enjoy a 50% discount on shows from 9th -21st December 2017, and a 30% discount on shows from 22nd December till the end of the run.

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