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Preview: Bee Gees Gold presented by Base Entertainment Asia


Saturday Night Fever used to be one of our favourite films as a child, and we remember our parents dancing and jiving to entire Bee Gees albums in the living room. So it excited us to no end to find out that one of the very best Bee Gees tribute bands is flying down straight from Las Vegas this December!


Celebrate the holidays in style and relive the glorious 60s and 70s as John Acosta, Michael Welsch and Jeff Celentano come down to Mastercard Theatres dressed top to toe as the brothers Gibb, complete with the unforgettable falsettos that made them music legends. It’s just as good as witnessing the Bee Gees themselves live, and over the course of the evening, there’s nostalgia aplenty as the boys serenade audiences with their hit ballads like ‘I Started A Joke’ before partying it up into a 70s throwback with disco standards like ‘Stayin’ Alive’ and ‘You Should Be Dancing’.

Presented by Base Entertainment Asia and having performed since the early 2010s, Bee Gees Gold is the next best thing besides watching the actual Bee Gees, and have honed their act to vocal and visual perfection, perpetuating the Gibbs brothers’ ongoing legacy with their overflowing wealth of talent. Here for two nights only, Bee Gees Gold is a performance not to be missed as you jive to their greatest hits and feel the magic of song emanate from one of the absolute best Bee Gees tribute bands around.

Bee Gees Gold plays at Mastercard Theatres from 15th – 16th December. Tickets available from SISTIC


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