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Review: Broken Vows dir. Bram Coppens


How wrong can a wedding go? Plenty, particularly when you’ve got an insane stalker hot on your heels, hell bent on ruining it.

Broken Vows boasts an impressive cast, including Jaime Alexander, Wes Bentley and Cam Gigandet. We’ve seen these actors at their best in various other films, and one would expect them to flourish with the roles they’ve been saddled with in this film – Jaime Alexander as a one time cheater and beautiful bride to be, Cam Gigandet as her ever loving fiance, and Wes Bentley, in what is no doubt the juiciest role in the film, an obsessive, psychologically disturbed stalker.


Yet, for all the expectations Broken Vows promises, its presentation leaves much to be desired, never reaching its full potential due to a weak, predictable script and amateur editing. One never quite feels for the wooden characters Jaime Alexander and Cam Gigandet are meant to play, while Bentley does his best to ooze creepy, although he never quite reaches bone chilling levels. One partially attributes this to the lack of atmosphere from the minimal soundtrack, not to mention the unbelievable plot of Bentley’s character calling to cancel each and every one of Jaime and Cam’s wedding plans.


Occasionally, Broken Vows does show the hint that it could have been so much more, particularly with its climactic final fight scene. Overall though, one imagines that there’s a better film hidden somewhere within the final cut, just that it could have done with more time to develop and become a little more finished.

Broken Vows is available to watch on Digital Download. 

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