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As we looked at the pressure to conform to societal norms in part 1 of our 2018 M1SFF previews, we follow up on the theme with another aspect of Amanda Heng’s Let’s Walk – redefining individuality and identity. In our increasingly chaotic world, it becomes more important than ever to hold on to some kind of meaning, and that is best gleaned from confidence and assurance in one’s own selfhood. These four works explore the internal struggles many of us end up facing when it comes to the search for selfhood and identity, and you can read more about them in detail below:

Displaced by Ground Cover Theatre (26th – 28th January)


Three female immigrants tell their story of their journey to Canada, fleeing various forms of discrimination and unstable countries at various points in history: Mary flees Ireland during the famine in 1847, Sofia flees war-torn Germany in 1947 and Dara flees Afghanistan due to the Taliban rule in 2007.

Incredibly poignant and relevant in today’s war-torn, xenophobic world, Canadian company Ground Cover Theatre promises a powerful production that will be relatable to anyone who’s ever struggled to fit in while attempting to retain their own cultural heritage.

Displaced plays at the Esplanade Theatre Studio from 26th – 28th January. Tickets available from SISTIC

Walking in Beauty by Petrina Kow (25th – 27th January)


In Singapore today, how does one stay beautiful yet true to one’s self? An all new work curated and directed by Petrina Kow, Walking In Beauty will feature six of Singapore’s most influential and recognizable female faces: Anita Kapoor, Arianna Pozzuoli, Deborah Emmanuel, Frances Lee, Oniatta Effendi and Dr Uma Rajan.

Over the course of the evening, this diverse cast of women will each present intimate stories of  strength, courage, love and beauty, as they share their own personal anecdotes about growing up and finding their own personal identities shattered, journeys disrupted, and lives altered, and ultimately ask one’s self: how do you become ‘beautiful’?

Walking in Beauty plays at the Esplanade Recital Studio from 25th – 27th January. Tickets available from SISTIC

One Thousand Millennials Crying by Kenneth Chia and Mitchell Fang (27th January)


Young theatremakers Kenneth Chia and Mitchell Fang join forces to present the cheekily titled One Thousand Millennials Crying, as they present the voice of the millennial, so often crushed and smothered by stereotypes and the complaints of the previous generations. Here, the show takes place during Halloween as a group of friends decide to celebrate indoors and glamp it up to avoid the overpriced city, with Insta-ready constructs such as a blanket fort in an air-conditioned room.

The environment transforms as the night wears on and the drinks are downed: howling winds shake the fort and an angry mother makes her appearance. How does this motley crew navigate the uncertain future that lies ahead of them as they meditate on their fears and future in an increasingly bleak and hopeless world, and prove to themselves that they are worth more than their number of followers?

One Thousand Millennials Crying plays at the Esplanade Rehearsal Studio on 27th January (2pm and 4pm). Tickets available from SISTIC 

Forked by Jo Tan (25th – 27th January)


Theatre actress Jo Tan presents her first ever full length play for adults at the 2018 M1SFF, tackling issues of cultural identity, accents and adaptation, and was conceived over several platforms, from a masterclass by Huzir Sulaiman to The Finger Players’ Watch This Space before finally blooming in its current incarnation. Starring Ethel Yap, Jamil Schulze, Joanna Pilgrim and Chang Ting Wei, Forked follows Jeanette Peh, a highly westernised Singaporean student who decides to pursue her dream of acting when she moves to London to further her studies.

But upon arrival, Jeanette’s excitement turns to fear and trepidation as she immediately becomes plastered with the label as one of the ”Asian students”. Despite her best efforts to adopt a faux British accent and superior command of the English language, this certainly doesn’t win her any brownie points. So when a class with Baptiste Laroche requires her to perform more honestly in her ‘native language’, Jeanette is forced to confront the biggest question of all: who is she really?

Forked plays at the NAFA Studio Theatre from 25th – 27th January. Tickets available from SISTIC


Stay tuned for the final part of our 2018 M1SFF previews as we look at four pieces that question the definition of perfection and the patriarchal gaze!

M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2018 takes place from 17th – 28th January 2018. Book your tickets now via SISTIC and for more information, visit their website here

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