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Preview: BREAK OUT presented by Mediacorp VizPro

Break Out 2018-keyart

Choi Chul Ki is the gift that keeps on giving. After presenting a grand total of three of his shows in 2017 (Chef, JUMP, and Flying Through Time), the Korean master of non-verbal theatre is back again in 2018 with the return of his bestselling show BREAK OUT. 

Since wowing the crowds at Edinburgh in 2007, BREAK OUT has since gone on to charm audiences all over the world from London’s West End to New York, and even our own shores in 2009 and 2010 to sold out crowds. In fact, BREAK OUT was one of the first non-verbal shows to feature in Singapore and has since paved the way for the company behind it to keep bringing in more of the same in subsequent years.


So what exactly is BREAK OUT about? The show follows a group of misfit comical fugitives breaking out of a prison compound, finding temporary shelter at a convent. Through their quest for freedom, these characters evolve, becoming better individuals and endearing the audience to them. This time around, the show will feature an all new cast starring some of Korea’s award-winning and leading B-Boys, performing stunning new choreography with astounding break-dance moves from urban dance to K-pop idol routines. Audience members can also look forward to top of the line stage hologram technology that will enhance the performance.

Being a non-verbal performance helps the show break past all cultural and language barriers, designed to universally appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. Armed with the intent to entertain and have you giggling and wowing at their antics and stunts throughout, BREAK OUT is slated to be a breath of fresh air sure to break you from the shackles of routine and revive your spirits with a newfound sense of freedom.

BREAK OUT plays at the Mediacorp MES Theatre from 27th – 28th April 2018. Tickets available from SISTIC

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