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Preview: Artwalk Little India 2018 – Urban Mythology (SAW 2018)

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This Singapore Art Week, ARTWALK Little India returns for its 4th edition with the theme of Urban Mythology, bringing back tales of Little India in the form of murals, public art installations and free performances all around the district.

ARTWALK Trail by Monster Day Tours

Presented by LASALLE College of The Arts and Singapore Tourism Board with the support of Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association, this year’s edition will feature an even greater move to involve local artists and performers in the programme lineup. Expect some truly unique and fascinating activities to be had, from festival favourite ARTWALK Trail by Monster Day Tours, to admiring street murals by the most exciting, up and coming visual artists, and even a multi-sensorial dining experience at Audace, complete with song and dance to accompany the delicious Indian menu. 

As lovers of the performing arts, we’re pretty much most excited for the performances by Ravindran Drama Group and master storyteller Kamini Ramachandran. Ravindran Drama Group will be putting up The Mother Goddess, a play about locals seeking refuge inside Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple during the Japanese air raids of Singapore in 1941, based off an old urban legend that the temple offers protection. Meanwhile, Kamini Ramachandran is already a regular of ARTWALK Little India, and has been a key player in the revival of the oral storytelling tradition in Singapore. This year, she’ll be performing One Dark Night, an adaptation of local writer Verena Tay’s short stories inspired by urban legends, along with selected poems by local poet Elancharan Gunasekaran. To add on to the atmosphere, she’ll even be telling these spooky tales in a shophouse at 113A Dunlop Street!

The-Day-I-Lost-My-Shadow_Still-05-SAR (1).jpg
The Day I Lost My Shadow

On the film front, be sure to catch the free film screening of The Day I Lost My Shadow, a collection of three films by one of our favourite local filmmakers, K Rajagopal, as he brings to life the tales of a man who shirks off the burden of being a coolie to build a business empire; an event that transformed a swampy land to a historical landmark; and a place which is lost but where memories linger on vividly in the reels of life and cinema.

Layers by Shah Rizzal

An integral part of SAW, ARTWALK Little India 2018 is packed chock full of culture for any visitor as they go on a journey of discovery of art and history, and sink beneath the tourist front of the district to really get to know the area in all its beauty. With plenty of urban myths and legend to accompany you on your ARTWALK, there’s never going to be a dull moment each step of the way, and we couldn’t be more excited to start on this one of a kind adventure through one of the most vibrant places in all of Singapore.

ARTWALK Little India 2018 take place around various precincts in the Little India district from 18th – 27th January 2018, with performances and activities on Thursdays to Saturdays between 6pm – 9pm. Admission is mostly free, with a selection of ticketed experiences. For more information and the full lineup, visit their website here


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