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Preview: Traditionally Speaking by Bhumi Collective


Bhumi Collective strides into 2018 with an all new series of works, utilising the performance-lecture medium to deliver a series of performances aimed at colliding research, process and performance.

For the very first instalment of this series (titled Intersections), they begin this March with Traditionally Speaking. Directed by Muhammad Noramin Bin Mohamed Farid and in collaboration with Elizabeth Chan, these dancers will reflect back on the experiences that have shaped their respective journeys as local Malay and Chinese dance practitioners. Supported by their own PhD research on these forms, the dancers will investigate deep, poignant questions such as what exactly constitutes Chinese and Malay dance, what makes Singaporean Chinese and Malay dance, and how then do their histories intersect and interact with one another?

In this series, Bhumi Collective aims to unite practitioners and researchers to get to the very heart of performance practices and forms in the contemporary world today, giving performers the chance to see how their discourse will turn out when presented to a public audience, and allowing them to see the practice behind the research. In Traditionally Speaking, begin your journey in exploring beyond the pre-existing concept of performative space, and let both Noramin and Elizabeth guide you through the true extent and meaning behind their respective traditional dance forms.

Traditionally Speaking plays at the Centre 42 Black Box from 22nd – 23rd March. Tickets available from Dockets

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