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Preview: Adventures in Grimmsneyland by Andsoforth

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After their previous, literal headtrip into the mind of 70s inspired Disco David, immersive dining company Andsoforth is back again this April with a trip down to the stuff of every child’s dreams – Grimmsneyland!


In Adventures in Grimmsneyland, diners and audiences will be living out their greatest fantasies as they step into a fairy tale world unlike any you’ve ever seen. Happy endings? Think again, as you take on the role of villagers and farmers whisked on a magical journey through magic mirrors, meet unexpected princesses beyond your wildest imaginations and revisit your favourite childhood stories given twist endings you’ll never forget.


Forget Disney; Grimmsneyland is where the real fun is at, not to mention a four course meal each inspired by a different fairytale world and a mystical alcoholic drink to start off your journey. Strictly for adults aged 18 and above, get ready to give sleeping beauty a rude awakening, flip the fins off a mermaid and hook up with some sexy dwarves with abs of steel in this technicolour world that’s sure to show you a whole new world of wonders.

Photo Credit: Andsoforth

Adventures in Grimmsneyland runs from 1st April to 21st April at a secret location. Tickets available from Andsoforth

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