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En Sushi: Fine Japanese Fare At Affordable Prices


The number of Japanese restaurants in Singapore is growing at an alarming rate, and it can be incredibly difficult to make yourself stand out from the crowd amidst the steadily increasing numbers. One of the newest kids on the block manages to do exactly that though, with the sheer quality and freshness of their seafood, and the surprisingly affordable prices to go along with it.


If you find yourself hanging around Prinsep Street often, you might have noticed En Sushi, just around the corner from Hotel Rendezvous. Opened by Kenneth Koh and Chef Kenneth Tan, the restaurant is located right in the heart of the arts district, nestled amidst the arts institutions and easily accessible from nearby Dhoby Ghaut or Bras Basah MRT. Offering all manner of Japanese cuisine, ranging from their signature dons to grilled foods, you can be assured of quality, as Chef Kenneth Tan brings with him over two decades of culinary experience, having trained under professional Japanese chefs in the Shangri-La Hotel’s Nadaman, before understudying Sushi Master Chef Nogawa at Sushi Nogawa and going on to become head chef at multiple restaurants.



Perhaps one of the most attractive things about En Sushi is their prices. Take the Bara Chirashi Don, for instance. Priced at just $10,80, it’s a dish that makes for the perfect quick lunch fix for a working adult in the area, or a hungry student, and still won’t break your wallet. En Sushi is also furnished rather differently from your typical Japanese restaurant. Unlike the usual dim lighting and booth-like tables, En Sushi has instead opted for bright lights and bigger seating, creating a warm and open environment perfect for gathering friends and family for a meal together.

At a recent media tasting, we found ourselves falling in love with the quality of the cuisine served up. We started off with some choice appetizers, namely the Pitan Tofu and the hotate sashimi topped off with mentai. The hotate was especially fresh and springy and complemented perfectly with the sharp, flavour-rich mentai. The Pitan Tofu, while not a new creation, was incredibly tender, and the pieces of century egg cut nice and fine to feel like the tofu and egg had formed a perfect union in our mouths.

Spicy Ebi Fry Salmon Aburi Maki

We were then presented with a number of variations of our favourite kind of sushi – maki wrapped in mentaiko sauce topped salmon, and lightly smoked with a hot flame. Torched to perfection, these makis had the right amount of flavour, and the ingredients within the rice were succulent and brought a good range of flavours into a single bite. The Spicy Ebi Fry Salmon Aburi Maki, in particular, gave a surprisingly strong kick with the prawn’s spicy fried batter, and made each bite that much more tantalising.

Even if you’re not a fan of raw food, the grilled offerings are decent too. We tried En Sushi’s Sliced Beef Cheek and Grilled Squid. The sliced beef cheek uses Meltique Beef slices, which, although aren’t top grade Wagyu Beef, taste surprisingly similar with their tenderness and consistency. We were particularly enthralled with the squid, which can be a very tricky dish to get right, in terms of retaining its texture, firmness and flavour even after grilling. Biting into each tentacle gave us plenty of pleasure, as the outer layers were crunchy, before giving way to a soft, meaty interior. Pair with some sake for a truly extravagant experience.



Finally, we also tried En Sushi’s signature dons. Similar to their Salmon Aburi Mentai sushis, the Salmon Aburi Mentai Don provided pure delight in every bite with the well torched mentai on luscious, melt in your mouth salmon slices, served with premium quality Japanese rice. But the true winner of the night was no doubt the Chirashi Don. Only slightly more expensive than the Bara Chirashi Don, we thought that this was the best value for money across the entire menu, with some of the thickest slices of maguro, hamachi, salmon, mekajiki and tako we’ve seen, along with tamago, and big ikura pieces on the brink of bursting with a single bite. Each spoon was a little piece of heaven, and this is the one bowl we’d order again and again when we next visit.


At En Sushi, freshness and quality is absolutely assured in each and every item on their menu. We’d definitely recommend coming here for a pre-theatre meal, or even for a quick snack if you happen to be killing some time in the area. Whatever reason you have for coming here, En Sushi will surely satisfy it with their unbelievably affordable, delicious dishes and have you craving more of it throughout the week.

En Sushi
Where: 30 Prinsep Street, #01-02 Income@Prinsep, Singapore 188647
When: Mon – Sun: 11.30am –  3pm6pm – 10pm (Last order 30mins before closing)
Contact: Call +65 6253 1426, email, or visit Facebook/Instagram

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