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Following their 2017 season, the Finger Players return to Victoria Theatre this June with two brand new plays from Resident Director Oliver Chong and Resident Playwright Chong Tze Chien. Playing over the span of two weeks, get ready for Citizen Dog and Framed, By Adolf, promising an entirely new theatrical experience with each show. Read their synopses below, and stay tuned for upcoming exclusive interviews with the cast and creative team, and exciting giveaways:  

Inspired by Pu Songling’s Chinese classic Strange Tales of Liaozhai, Citizen Dog takes these supernatural stories and brings them into the modern world, in the second collaboration between co-playwrights Oliver Chong and Liu Xiaoyi, after 2013’s Citizen Pig. In Citizen Dog, we’re introduced to a mysterious cast of characters: a literary hermit with unfulfilled ambition abused by a corrupt official, a foreign lady attempts to set up a shady massage parlour, and a middle-aged widower hires an alluring tutor to assist his dim-witted son, still studying after failing to graduate for over 20 years. Along the way, meet a profanity-spewing dog, a racy fox spirit, and a whole host of other ghosts in this odd house.

Directed by Oliver Chong, and starring Li Xie, Liu Xiaoyi, Alvin Chiam and Jo Kwek, Citizen Dog aims to bring out desire in all its nightmarish glory, painting a surreal dreamscape while highlighting real world problems, promising both heartache and wonder.

Citizen Dog plays from 8th – 10th June at Victoria Theatre in Mandarin with English surtitles. Tickets available from SISTIC



Hitler may be universally recognised as a monster, but did you also know that he used to be a painter? In 2016, The Finger Players staged Starring Hitler as Jekyll and Hyde to critical acclaim. Now, Framed, by Adolf continues to explore the relationship between the German dictator and art, in this second part of the trilogy.

Written and directed by Chong Tze Chien, Framed, by Adolf follows a seller attempting to peddle a ‘great and undiscovered artwork’, supposedly painted by Adolf Hitler himself. The controversial yet groundbreaking work, if revealed to the art world, could rewrite history itself. In an attempt to authenticate the work, the seller attempts to hawk it to a calculative billionaire, a cynical auctioneer, and a cautious professor. Along the way, an even greater story is revealed, with the seller’s Jewish grandfather having been mistaken as a Nazi war criminal for owning the painting, resulting in his going on the run and taking on new identities, as he continued to prevent the work from falling into the wrong hands.

Starring Serene Chen, Joshua Lim, Tan Shou Chen, Tim Nga, Darius Tan and Zee Wong, as well as puppeteers Ang Hui Bin and Myra Loke, Framed, By Adolf will explore the very nature of truth, painting a picture of falsehoods, injustice and historical whitewashing, haunting audience members’ consciousness and conscience.

Framed, by Adolf plays from 15th – 17th June at the Victoria Theatre. Tickets available from SISTIC


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