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Preview: Hi-5 Supers presented by BASE Entertainment Asia


The Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands will be playing host to a very special surprise this December. Multiple award-winning Australian children’s edutainment show Hi-5 is making its way down for a double reveal – their all new cast starring in a brand new show!

In Hi-5 Supers, meet new cast members Bailey, Courtney, Joe, Shay and returning member Lachie, a regular with Hi-5 since 2016. The multitalented cast members will be brought out in full force onstage as they present this brand new show with a seemingly bottomless wealth of youthful energy, as they take on superhero personas to fight crime and gain special new powers.


HI-5 Supers takes place when Chats grants the five their wish to become superheroes, just for a day in Hi-5 City – you’ve got super strength, super vision, supersonic hearing, flight and invisibility, and as a result, the team is invited to a special Superhero Awards Night to be celebrated. But the five just can’t seem to catch a break as they face one impossible task and mission after another throughout the day, learning how to overcome their fears and how to use their powers in the best way possible. It turns out then, that everyone is super in their own special way, far beyond the ability to leap the tallest of buildings or fly faster than a speeding bullet.

Through familiar songs such as “L.O.V.E”, “Amazing” and of course “Action Hero”, as well as high energy dancing, children will be empowered as they watch the five go through their unforgettable day onstage, and find their own inner superhero. In addition, expect to see a brand new mosh pit installed specially for the show as fans get a chance to dance up close and personal with their favourite cast members (adults are welcome to join too, but must remain seated). Get yourselves ready for a fun-filled superhero adventure as they speed into town, complete with super bubbles, bouncy balls, dazzling lighting effects and plenty of interactive play to enjoy throughout the show. So this December, join Hi-5 for a super show that’s full of positive vibes and endless energy as children and children at heart have fun and learn just how you too can be super.

Hi-5 Supers plays at the Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands from 7th – 9th December. Tickets available from SISTIC

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