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EN Dining Group’s Shabu EN: Quality Taki-Nabe That Warms the Heart


The EN Dining Group, best known for restaurants such as Monster Curry and En Sakaba, has just launched an all new dining concept in the form of Kyushu Taki-Nabe!

Available at the all new Shabu EN in Parkway Parade and Monster Curry at Downtown Gallery, this Shabu Shabu dish is still relatively new to Singapore. With this jumbo Taki-Nabe, diners will be treated to a 40cm wide hotpot containing a pot of broth in the middle, surrounded by a rim of Grade A5 Miyazaki champion Wagyu and Iberico Pork Belly arranged over stacks of fresh cabbage and topped with spring onions.

Originating in Kyushu, the structure of the hotpot is partially inspired by the volcanoes of the region, specifically Sakurajima in Kagoshima Prefecture. Instead of painstakingly having to take each individual piece of meat and dipping it into the soup, now, all diners have to do is to push the entire chunk of meat and vegetable into the soup, cooking it before scooping it out and enjoying it. In a sense, it practically becomes a melting pot, and with the premium ingredients used, certainly enriches the broth with plenty of flavour each time a section of the rim is tossed in.

Your enjoyment of the meal will be further enhanced by dipping the meat into some unique sauces. These include a tangy Shiquasa Ponzu sauce created by Head Chef Tatsuya Nagayama, made with Shiquasa fruit direct from Okinawa, Monster Curry’s spicy chili sauce made with sake and ponzu, and the more traditional Japanese Goma-dare sesame, vinegar and soy sauce. For the broth, diners also have a choice between the standard Dashi Bonito or Konbu soup, or even more daring, original flavours from head chef Tatsuya, namely the Paitan Collagen Chicken soup or the Spicy Kara Miso soup. With such a tasty and nutritious broth, it would be a shame to waste it, and diners have the option of topping up the meal with porridge, ramen or noodles cooked in the soup to soak up all the remaining flavour and enjoy at the end of the meal.

But what if you happen to be dining alone, or in a rush, and don’t have the appetite or time to consume an entire hotpot? EN Dining is also introducing the Jyubako Black Box Bento to diners. Translating to ‘treasure box’, each lid quite literally opens up to a delicious wealth of treats awaiting you. There are seven different sets to choose from, ranging from Premium Beef Yakiniku to the ever popular Tendon set with crispy, battered prawn and vegetable tempura.

We were particularly taken with the Miyazaki Aburi Wagyu Don Set, which features premium Miyazaki Wagyu partially torched, with a sweet soy steak sauce. The meat was expertly prepared, and each bento comes with about seven strips of meat, each slice melting in your mouth and complementing the rice perfectly.

Each set also comes served with a smooth, silky bowl of ikura chawanmushi, salad, miso soup, and even a purple sweet potato ball for dessert. Together, these sets make for convenient, filling, and very affordable meals for a busy, working adult looking for a good lunchtime or dinner fix.

With the success of their previous dining ventures, Shabu EN looks set to be another winner in the hands of the EN Dining Group, with affordable new options for anyone looking to have a taste of quality Okinawan cuisine (the Taki-Nabe is only S$28.80 for a two person serving!) If you’d like, you could even spend both lunch and dinner here, with a Monster Curry/Jyubako in the afternoon and a sumptuous Taki-Nabe in the evening! It’s well worth the time and money for any casual diner, and with its ease of accessibility in both the CBD at Downtown Gallery and Eastern heartlanders at Parkway Parade, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t come down and try it for yourself and see just why we’re so enamoured with these meaty dishes.


We’ll be hosting some of you for a meal that will comprise the best of Monster Curry and this new Kyushu Taki-Nabe. Just name us the two outlets where you can try the Taki-Nabe, and we will be in contact with the winners!

Shabu EN
Where: #01-11 Parkway Parade, 80 Marine Parade Road, Singapore 449269
When: Mon – Sun: 11am –  10pm
Contact: Call +65 6348 6171, email, or visit their website

Monster Curry
Where: #01-03 Downtown Gallery, 6A Shenton Way, Singapore 068815
When: Mon – Sun: 11am –  10pm
Contact: Call +65 6221 3933 or visit their website

This article is part of our ongoing Food and Theatre Series, where we introduce quality dining options for your pre/post-show meal. Shabu EN is located close to The Necessary Stage Black Box at Marine Parade CC, while Monster Curry Downtown Gallery is located close to the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. 

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