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Programmes For All At The Asian Civilisations Museum and Peranakan Museum This June

As the June Holidays approach, both the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) and Peranakan Museum are kicking into full programmes mode, celebrating their ongoing exhibitions Angkor and Amek Gambar  respectively. Here’s a quick look at the family-friendly activities taking place at both museums happening next month, perfect for spending an educational, culturally enriching weekend on:

Peranakan Museum


Straits Family Sunday – Mari Amek Gambar  (3rd June)

Mari Amek Gambar translates to “come let’s take a photo!”, and together with the family, you can discover Jawi Peranakans and their stories at the Peranakan Museum’s Amek Gambar exhibition as you go on the interactive character tour through the galleries.

Walk-in Wednesdays (20th June)

Chase away the mid-week blues during this year’s Children Season as you head down on a Wednesday to learn all about film photography with child-friendly photography workshops. Kids can also learn to stretch their creativity with Peranakan colour-inspired crafts and photographic techniques.

#FilterLife Weekend Festival

#FilterLife Weekend Festival (23rd and 24th June)

End off June with a two-day festival of Peranakan-inspired performances and activities through photography, film, and more. Take part and learn about a “Photoshop” technique of old – hand-tinting, before embarking on gallery tours of Peranakan culture, and even dress up and take a photo at their vintage photo studio to mark the end of the June Holidays!

Asian Civilisations Museum

Asian Culture Music Series - Image courtesy of Asian Civilisations Museum

Carved In Stone (8th and 9th June)

Loved the Angkor exhibition? Take home a little piece of it with you as you create your very own Angkor temple-inspired rubber stamp in this carving workshop, and explore all the beautiful details of Khmer art and architecture while guided by experienced facilitators in this beginner-friendly workshop, and leave your mark behind with a gorgeous inked print everytime from here on out.

Bonjournal (22nd and 23rd June)

Create and decorate your very own travel journal as you step into the shoes of explorers past as they explored ancient cities and gorgeous, exotic temples with a beautiful book to record your own journeys in life.

[Saturdays @ ACM] Search of the New Moon, 30 June - Image courtesy of Asian Civilisations Museum

Asian Culture and Music Series: Indonesia with Santai Lah! (SG-INDO Bilateral Cultural Event for Rising 50) (29th June, 30th June, 1st July)

Celebrate 50 years of friendship with Indonesia with a weekend of traditional Asian music, dance, and drama with performances, workshops, and evening concerts at the Asian Civilisations Museum. Expect to see and hear traditional Javanese percussion and Indonesian shadow puppetry with Wayang Sandosa, or for the more contemporary amongst you, attend a pop concert with local talents from Singapore and Indonesia at the Empress Lawn.

Saturdays@ACM (30th June) – Search for the New Moon

Over that same weekend, take part in this interactive drama and find out the importance of the new moon, or even try your hand at creating a traditional Indonesian craft. Be enchanted by a gamelan performance and more as you spend time under the stars with the whole family.

Besides these activities, the highlight of both museums would of course, would be the ongoing special exhibitions. This June Holiday and Hari Raya season, come on down to the ACM and Peranakan Museum for fascinating craftwork, cultural activities, and a wealth of fun with all the family.

Angkor: Exploring Cambodia’s Sacred City. Masterpieces of the Musee national des arts asiatiques-Guimet runs at the Asian Civilisations Museum from 8th April to 22nd July 2018. For more details, visit the ACM website here

Amek Gambar takes place at the Peranakan Museum from 5th May 2018 to 3rd February 2019. Tickets available on the door, and for more information, visit the website here


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