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Preview: Graceful by Flugelman Productions


LONDON – Written by Hayley Ricketson and directed by Mike Cottrell, Flugelman Productions will be presenting Graceful at the Rosemary Branch Theatre, after a successful, sold out run at the RADA Festival.

Longlisted for Theatre 503’s Playwriting Award in 2016, Graceful follows 17-year-old Grace as her alcoholic father checks himself into rehab, and as a result, is sent to live with his distant cousin, 38-year-old Rhonda, a single woman who had an abortion ten years prior. When this young woman who’s never had a mother meets this grown woman who’s never had a daughter, the two begin to find themselves fulfilling unexpected roles for one another. Will they somehow find kindred spirits in each other, and will this relationship develop into something complex, troubling and perhaps even beautiful?

Along the way, both Grace and Rhonda will be joined by their Inner Selves, who serve as their commentators, companions and constant judges. Starring Rosie Ward, Catherine Brown, Asha Reid and Chloe Astleford, Graceful investigates women, their desire, and their love in a post-Weinstein era, as this provocative but insightful play examines female desire, love and attachment in all its complexity, and lays it bare across the stage.

Graceful plays at the Rosemary Branch Theatre from 8th – 9th August 2018. Tickets available here


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