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Preview: Late Night Ghost Stories – Seven: Level 2 (Esplanade’s Red Dot August)

SEVEN_ Level2 Image
We caught a dramatised reading of Aswani Aswath’s Absence Makes The Heart… at the 2018 Singapore Theatre Festival, and met director Lewin Bernard thereafter. Now, Bernard is back with a new show this August, as part of the Esplanade’s Red Dot August programme!
In Seven: Level 2, Tan Weiying, Desmond Soh and Nazray will present a haunting tale surrounding the seventh month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Known as the time spirits exit the underworld to roam our world, Level 2 acts as a sequel to the first edition of Late Night Ghost Stories held last year. This time around, we find two souls—both obsessed with reincarnation and desperate for liberation from hell’s torment, as they battle it out in a series of tests to prove their worthiness to King Minos, the Greek Judge of the Underworld.
The twist then, it that it’s not King Minos who decides their fate – it is you, the audience, who will decide who it is that ultimately gets to be free. Prepare to participate and cast your vote in this tale of weary spirits and restless souls at the Esplanade this August.

Seven: Level 2 takes place at the Esplanade Concourse on 4th, 8th and 25th August at various timings. Admission is free. For more information, visit the Esplanade website here

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