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George Town Festival Week Two: A Taiwanese Takeover (13th – 19th August)

GEORGE TOWN, MALAYSIA – Moving into the second week of the annual George Town Festival, this time we see the festival receiving a strong Taiwanese focus, as the programme moves to highlight Taiwan’s creative landscape through talks and art. Read on for more about how you should plan your week at George Town!

Isle of Dreams

Presented by Taiwanese group La Cie MaxMind, Isle of Dreams is a mythological, end of the world musical theatre piece featuring Nanguan and Beiguan music, integrating these styles with poetry, puppetry and ritual dance. Nominated for the 15th Taishin Arts Award, the work wonders about an apocalypse brought about due to greed, desire, power and uneven distribution of resources, with playwright-director Lee Yi-Hsiu reimagining classics tales for modern times, as well as one original new myth.

Second Body

Also from Taiwan, Anarchy Theatre will be presenting Second Body over the weekend. Here, the company utilises technology to project light onto her skin, an almost out of body experience where the audiences themselves become more keenly aware and knowledgeable of their own bodies in this innovative dance/physical theatre performance.

Taiwan Creative Market

Other programmes to occupy yourselves with include a plethora of free activities, ranging from the weekend Taiwan Creative Market (now in its 7th year), where you can expect to find quirky, innovative Taiwanese design, while one can also engage in various Taiwan Talks throughout Saturday, 18th August, with speakers ranging from Taiwan Creative Market curator Evan Lin to a representative from the Taipei City Government’s Department of Cultural Affairs speaking about Taiwanese Arts Policy. To end off the weekend, Thunar Circus presents Kaxabu! A Language no longer spoken?a contemporary circus performance paying tribute to the Kaxabu people, an indigenous tribe of Taiwan as it attempts to preserve their spoken language through body language, as well as bamboo and rattan objects to preserve what little they can of a culture soon to be forgotten.

Kaxabu! A Language no longer spoken?

Come experience Taiwan at the annual George Town Festival, as you get a taste of this fascinating country and all its culture with the lineup of artistic and insightful programmes in the second week of the festival.

The 2018 George Town Festival runs from 4th August to 2nd September around various locations in George Town, Penang. For full programme lineup and tickets, visit their website here

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