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Chang Sensory Trails 2018

Held at The Lawn @ Marina Bay, The third edition of the Chang Sensory Trails took place from 31st August to 1st September 2018.

This year’s edition was themed around the Thai philosophy of ‘lamiat’, or ‘attention to detail and looking beyond the ordinary’, inviting a total of eight authentic, Singapore-based Thai restaurants to showcase and hawk cuisine surrounding ‘lamiat’, namely Aroy Dee, Baan Ying, Bangkok Jam, Gin Khao, Little Elephant, Long Chim, Tamarind Hill and Un-Yang-Kor-Dai.

While eight restaurants may not seem like much, together, these restaurants offered a wide range of food that featured both traditional Thai cuisine and innovative, contemporary takes, from Pad Thai to Watermelon Fried Rice.

The curation of the restaurants is unparalleled – each restaurant featured offered up quality Thai cuisine that showed a lot of pride that went into the preparation process.

As is expected of Thai cuisine, each item offered was full of rich textures and aromatic tastes, every crisp bite resplendent with flavour, each dish pairing perfectly with a pint of Chang beer, whose slight bitter aftertaste cuts through the food’s richness.

It is this care that goes into these chefs ensuring fresh, quality cuisine that shows ‘lamiat’ at its finest – an unparalleled pride in Thai heritage and craft that extends to Chang beer itself, making it one of our own top choices of beer every time.

Chang Sensory Trails, as its name implies, truly is a feast for the senses, with good food, good entertainment and good organisation that makes it a festival to return to each year, leaving us with a pleasant aftertaste in our mouth, spreading into pure satisfaction as we leave the event area, already thinking about how the brand will continue to surprise and excel in the editions still to come.

Chang Sensory Trails 2018 took place at The Lawn @ Marina Bay from 31st August to 1st September from 4pm to 10pm. For more information, visit their Facebook here


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