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This Irresistible Grasp: Welcome to the Machine Plays Beerfest 2018


As Asia’s one and only Pink Floyd tribute band, there’s a lot riding on Welcome to the Machine’s shoulders each time they perform a gig.

But the thing about the group is that they’re more than ready to take to the stage each time, delivering glorious, full length performances complete with phantasmagoric lighting, visuals, and a whole lot of spirit.

As the band continues to go on the rise, so do their shows. Playing at BeerFest Asia 2018 last Friday for a full 1.5 hour performance, revellers comprising Pink Floyd diehards and curious first timers both were enthralled by the set.

It’s hard to deny the sheer amount of energy and enthusiasm emanating from the entire band as they worked through familiar numbers from “Time” to “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”. The amount of enthusiasm and love for the music they were playing was evident in every strum, every lyric, and the band displayed a real sense of respect for the Pink Floyd aesthetic and craft.

Assisted by videos (completely designed by drummer Laurence Bucci), lasers and stunning lighting, there was almost the sense of a throwback to an earlier time, with the atmosphere of the entire tavern, to sum it up, pretty wicked cool.

Powered by craft beer, good music and strong vocals from Arindam Chatterjee, the environment of BeerFest made for the perfect spot for Welcome to the Machine to play, with audience members easily getting into the spirit of things as they rocked out to each song, some even singing along. It is their connection to the audience that transcended even complete strangers into believing and falling in love with the performance seen onstage, the sheer power of Pink Floyd’s music and style that proves they are a classic band that deserves to live on forever with a kind of unique immortality in tribute bands such as WTTM.

Having played gigs both locally and overseas, and at other outfits besides this band, WTTM knows how to wow a crowd and put on a good show. It’s evident that they’ve captured the essence of Pink Floyd, narrowing it down to an art, and without a doubt are set to only continue rising in future.

There’s something special about WTTM’s performance, allowing even the casual passer-by to forge a genuine interest and enthusiasm for Pink Floyd’s music, and perhaps, turn them into lifelong fans, precisely the mission and message the band is trying to put across.

Catching them in action is about as close as you’ll get to a genuine Pink Floyd experience, so stay tuned and get ready for their next gig when they return in December.


Welcome to the Machine played at Beerfest 2018 at 6.45pm on 31st August 2018. Their next gig is set for early December 2018. For more information on the band and their upcoming gigs, visit their Facebook page here

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