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Preview: Skandalkonzert by Jade Tan Shi Yu and Churen Li


Following events such as Il Re Pastore and Life is Ha-Ha-Happiness, classical music forms have been seeing a rise in reinvention as they widen their appeal to a modern audience and change up the formula. This September, that reinvention will be pushed further still, as local mezzo-soprano Jade Tan Shi Yu and pianist Churen Li kick up a real ‘scandal’ – performing a classical music concert in a club.

Held at legendary dance club Zouk @ Capital, Skandalkonzert promises an edgy new take on classical music, not only at its edgy venue but also in its presentation, as Berg, Debussy and Wagner receive the club treatment, complete with extended piano techniques, atmospheric visuals and lighting, improv and dramatic scenes as the classsic takes a shot of the experimental.

Both Jade and Churen are considered some of Singapore’s top classical musicians, both receiving multiple accolades and international acclaim from organisations and media, as well as having been featured in performances with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Daring to question the classics and perform them in a way to intrigue and engage a new audience, watch as Skandalkonzert takes the ‘classical’ out of the music and imbues them with new relevance to resonate with the modern listener of today.

Skandalkonzert plays at Capital Zouk Singapore at 3C River Valley Road on 20th September 2018. Tickets available from Peatix. Price includes entry to Zouk, and ticketholders are welcome to stay on and party into the night. 

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