As the Esplanade’s annual da:ns Festival returns this week, they’ll be commissioning a number of bold new productions set to impress and push the limits of the dance medium itself.

One of these productions is Daniel Kok and Miho Shimizu’s xhe, a marathon five hour durational, experimental performance that mixes multiple disciplines to create a kaleidoscope of patterns, moving objects and sounds in this one of a kind immersive experience.

xhe (pronounced like “j’y” in French), refers to the search for an all new elusive figure, referring to an all new pronoun that is neither “he”, not “she”, nor “it”.

Who exactly is xhe? xhe is an abstract concept, a representation of everything and nothing at all, where anything is possible. It is at once a square and an octopus, a circle and a beast.

xhe collides dance, visual installation and live electronic music – it is an animal of a performance that cannot be described in a single form.

xhe will be performed by an international ensemble of artists, including dance artist Karol Tymiński.

Electronic music duo Filastine and Nova will produce dense layers of voice, analogue synths and strings to layer over ethereal beats, taking you straight to another world, in a live soundscape and live signing experience.

The colourful world of xhe is welcome to audiences of all ages. Because of its durational status, audiences are welcome to enter and exit as they please at any point of time.

Interacting with the objects, xhe encourages the art of imagination and play and welcomes a diversity of perspectives as they create imaginary animals and stories amidst the unique space.

Come dressed comfortably, and in fact, come at any time you want, and in fact, at weird times due to limited capacity. Audiences are recommended to stay for 90 minutes to get the full xhe experience and get a glimpse of all the surprises it has on offer.

Refrain from using your phone – it’s a distraction. Just let yourself sink into this strange, wonderful world and embark on your quest for xhe. Let your imagination fly free and enter this collective daydream, and before you know it, you might just discover who, where or what xhe is.

You never know – xhe might just have been inside you all along.

xhe plays on 12th and 14th October 2018 at the Esplanade Annexe Studio. Tickets available here. The 2018 da:ns Festival runs from 9th – 21st October at various locations around the Esplanade. For the full listings, check out the website here

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