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Preview: Island Song by SoDa Players


Formed seven years ago, the SoDa (Song and Dance) Players’ have grown from a motley group of students under the same music teacher performing the occasional recital to a tight knit team of musical theatre enthusiasts pursuing performance and productions, with the grand aim of raising the standard of musical theatre in Singapore.

After their last production in 2015 (Alan Ayckbourn’s Awaking Beauty), they’re returning this December with a production of Sam Carner and Derek Gregor’s Island Song. Set in New York, Island Song follows five young adults as they navigate their lives amidst their busy city, acting as a backdrop to each and every thing that they do. A quintessential musical for the modern urbanite, Island Song tracks these characters as they pursue their passions, resist distraction, and live out a “twisted love affair” with the city.

Directed by Chong Gua Khee, Island Song will also feature a set with no blackouts, representing “the city that never sleeps” as cast members sing their way through subways, breakups and lonely nights seeking companionship. Perhaps more relevant still to Singaporeans, living on a literal island home, join the SoDa players as they explore the road works, detours and cruise down the highway of life this December with the Singapore debut of Island Song.

Island Song plays at the Centre 42 Black Box from 7th – 9th December 2018. Tickets available by emailing For more information, visit their Facebook Event page here

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