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Museum Musings: Affordable Art Fair’s Young Talent Programme Alumni Gather for REUNITE 2019

reunite ori res

As part of ION Orchard’s 10th anniversary and Affordable Art Fair’s 10th Edition celebrations in 2019, the Affordable Art Fair is gathering up eight of its greatest alumni from the Young Talent Programme to present an all new group show next January.

Bringing together Alecia Neo, Lavender Chang, Vellachi Ganesan, Hilmi Johandi, Noor Iskandar, Ezekiel Wong Kelwin, Khin Thethtar Latt and Zhang Fuming, REUNITE 2019 plays catch up with these artists from the first three editions of the programme and examines how far they’ve come since the first solo exhibitions in 2013. Inaugurated in 2012 by Affordable Art Fair and ION Art, the programme was aimed as a platform for talented young artists to be spotted by galleries and art institutions, and to be introduced to the art-loving public. 

For this exhibition, expect to see excerpts from the artists’ recent works in institutional shows, community walls, galleries and studio archives. A tribute to talented young artists and the new leaders of the fields of imagination and art for the next generation, come explore the future of the visual arts scene with these movers and shakers in REUNITE 2019.

REUNITE 2019 runs at ION Art at ION Orchard from 18th to 27th January 2019. Admission is free. More information on the Affordable Art Fair available here.

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