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Preview: Kotor by -wright Assembly

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“What you allow is what will continue.”

This March, coinciding with International Women’s Day, artist collective -wright Assembly have gathered both male and female artists specialising in multiple art disciplines to create Kotor, a multidisciplinary performance responding to writer Natalie Wang’s anthology The Woman Who Turned Into a Vending Machine.

The project originated when Creative Producer Farhanah Diyanah (FD) spoke to choreographer Ismail Jemaah, developing a new curiosity about how male dance and movement artists could use their practice to respond to issues surrounding sexual and physical abuse and gender bias. FD believed in the need for a more proactive approach in addressing some of these issues through art, in hopes of encouraging others to reflect on their own consciousness when faced with such issues and not merely accepting pre-existing circumstances as status quo.

Kotor is set to feature dance artists Sufri Juwahir (Young Artist Award Recipient 2018) and Shaun Lim alongside physical theatre practitioner, Kaykay Nizam, as well as sound and multimedia artist Aqilah Misuary. Translating to ‘dirty’ in Malay, Kotor attempts to quash the perception that standing up for women’s rights is purely a woman’s responsibility, a gentle reminder to all this International Women’s Day that the fight for equality is far from over.

Kotor plays from 7th – 10th March 2019 at Rumah P7:1SMA at the Stamford Arts Centre. Tickets available here

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