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#PLASTIKOPHOBIA: High Commission of Canada To Singapore Launches Exhibition Highlighting Plastic Waste At Marina Barrage


On Thursday, 7th March, the High Commission of Canada, together with City Developments Limited launched #PLASTIKOPHOBIA, a brand new art installation and photo exhibition at the Sustainable Singapore Gallery at Marina Barrage.

Inspired by the increasing levels of marine plastic pollution, the exhibition features the works of Canadian artist Benjamin Von Wong on the theme of marine plastics, and launched to mark World Wildlife Day, with the 2019 theme of “Life below water: for people and planet”, and in support of Singapore’s Year Towards Zero Waste.

The key highlight of the exhibition is an immersive 3-D installation, created by both Von Wong and Laura Francois. To create the piece, a total of 18,000 disposable plastic cups were collected over one and a half days from 26 hawker centres, taking over 1,000 man hours to clean and assemble. Stapled together and fitted with lights, the resulting installation resembles a surreal, alien planet, showing how trash can indeed be turned into art. At the same time, it also highlights the massive amount of plastic waste Singapore produces on a daily basis, and the need for change.

The other segment of the exhibition comprises Von Wong’s photography work, featuring pieces titled Mermaids Hate Plastic,  Truckload of Plastic, and Strawpocalypse, each one depicting figures posed amidst intricately arranged floods of plastic product, eye-catchingly beautiful at first glance, yet horrific when we peer closer, realizing the sheer amount of trash recycled to create such a work.

It is thus that #PLASTIKOPHOBIA hopes to raise awareness of the scale and severity of the problem of plastics in both Singapore and Canada’s oceans, and inspire visitors to take action to combat this ever growing threat to our home planet, hopefully reducing the damage we are causing it on a daily basis.

#PLASTIKOPHOBIA runs from 7th March to 18th April at the Sustainable Singapore Gallery at Marina Barrage. For more information, visit their Facebook page here

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