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A Creative Space To Work, Create and Collaborate: Practice Tuckshop Reopens To Go Full Time


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Photo from The Theatre Practice

Nestled in the heart of Waterloo Street lies the home of The Theatre Practice (TTP), and along with it, the Practice Tuckshop. A creative space for all to work, create and collaborate, the Practice Tuckshop has flung open its doors once again to the public to act as a shared space for all to gather for a wholesome drink, chill out or even have an exciting brainstorm session in the area.

First opened in 2017, the Practice Tuckshop has almost always operated as a temporal space, with no fixed timings except during key events. Now, it’s entered a new era as a fully operational space, forming a a permanent safe haven for TTP’s creatives to work, create and collaborate all year round. Having partnered up with various food and drink brands, the Practice Tuckshop offers up a self-serve noodle bar serving Kiki Noodles, freshly brewed tea from Pek Sin Choon, award-winning coffee from Two Degrees North Coffee Co., artisan popsicles from Popaganda and more.

In addition, the Practice Tuckshop’s anchor programme, Recess Time, will now take place bi-weekly on Fridays, wherein a different artist, a professional chef or a home cook will share their love for food by cooking a meal in the Practice Tuckshop kitchen. Guests can enjoy a three-course meal and drink, get to know the chefs and leave with a full stomach and a heart filled with stories. The Practice Tuckshop has also partnered up with SG Food Rescue, using unwanted vegetables from wholesalers and incorporating them into the dishes to better create awareness of Singapore’s food supply chain and issues of food wastage.

Says Ang Xiao Ting, Practice Tuckshop Programmer and the brains behind the original concept for Practice Tuckshop: “We strongly believe that artmaking is a continual process. Practice Tuckshop will continue to programme unique works that explore exciting ways to tell stories and whisk audiences away from the conventional stage and into the real world.”

Practice’s Tuckshop is open Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10.30am to 5.30pm (Closed on Public Holidays). For more information and a list of upcoming programes, visit their Facebook page here.

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