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Prost!: Brotzeit Launches White Asparagus-Themed Menu For Spring 2019

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When winter is gone, spring comes to relish the rewards of hibernation upon the masses. For German specialist restaurant Brotzeit, that comes in the form of its white asparagus menu, here to ring in the spring season with a bumper crop of vegetables, often known as “white gold” to perk up their usual Bavarian selection.

A traditional food each year in Germany, white asparagus is exclusively served for just three months when it is in season, with Brotzeit happy to serve it up in all its tender sweetness, coupled with delicious accompanying foods to bring out even more flavour from the precious harvest, the biggest and best batch in a while since Germany’s string of ice-cold winters in recent years. Says Filippo Fanin, CEO of Brotzeit Singapore said, “Spargelzeit (white asparagus season) is one of the most anticipated and iconic festivals in Germany as the nation welcomes the first signs of spring. As always, our farm‐to‐table white asparagus is served authentically German, with a modern Brotzeit twist.”

Der Spargel-Klassiker

In line with their philosophy of eating together, one of the main dishes conceptualised by Brotzeit Group Executive Chef Wolfgang Ranner was the Spargelplatte (White Asparagus Platter, $79). Comprising a whopping 400 grams of white asparagus (approximately 8-12 sticks) in hollandaise sauce, served with black forest and gammon ham, smoked salmon, poached eggs and parsley potatoes, the Spargelplatte is the ideal dish for enjoying with friends and family placed in the centre of the table, its meats rich in flavour and pairing well with the white asparagus.


White asparagus has been cleverly incorporated into every aspect of the menu, starting with delicious appetizers comprising of the Spargelsuppe (White Asparagus Cream Soup, $9) and Spargel Im Speckmantel (Bacon-wrapped White Asparagus, $9). While simple, the cream soup filled us with warm, homey feelings, the cream and mild taste of the asparagus coming together elegantly, topped with gammon ham for a little flavour and brown bread to soak up the soup and add a little crunch.

Spargel Im Speckmantel

Meanwhile, the bacon-wrapped asparagus convinces us that it is meat that goes best with asparagus, with the well-cooked salty bacon balanced out by the asparagus, well-matched and perfect for whetting our appetites for the rest of the meal.

Spargel Mit Barramundi

A total of three mains are available on the menu, with Der Spargel-Klassiker (Classic White Asparagus, $28), Spargel Mit Rinderfilet (White Asparagus with Grilled Beef Tenderloin, $39) and Spargel Mit Barramundi (White Asparagus with Pan Seared Barramundi, $32). Der Spargel-Klassiker is exactly as it suggests – 250 grams of white asparagus plain and simple, served with a creamy hollandaise sauce that butters the asparagus right up.

Spargel Mit Rinderfilet

Between the Spargel Mit Rinderfilet and Spargel Mit Barramundi, we personally preferred the former. Because of the relatively milder nature of white asparagus, it takes a lot more of a distinct flavour to match it with well, and the grilled beef tenderloin served exactly that purpose, easy to cut and brimming with delicious meaty juice that only added to the heavenly pairing. The locally caught barramundi on the other hand, was fine, but was no doubt outshone by the Rinderfilet. 

Zitronen Käse Creme Mit Spargel

We ended off with dessert, in the form of the Zitronen Käse Creme Mit Spargel (Deconstructed Lemon Cheese Tart, $10). An innovative way to serve up white asparagus, the cheese tart utilised the asparagus by slicing it into ribbons, and adorning a light, lemon cream cheese bed with raspberry rings for a sweet finish to the meal.

For a truly good pairing however, we recommend purchasing their special Wittmann Pinot Blanc white wine to match any of the dishes, or even Brotzeit’s beers for a real Bavarian flavour to the meal. Come with the family, come with friends, and come enjoy a hearty meal with Brotzeit’s limited time White Asparagus Menu this spring, grab a beer, and enjoy together with an enthusiastic yell of ‘Prost!’

Brotzeit’s White Asparagus Menu available from now to 9th June 2019 at all Brotzeit outlets. For reservations, bookings, promotions, packages and a list of outlets, visit

Corporate Packages, available, requiring a group booking for at least 4 persons (at $38++ per pax), with a 2-course meal that includes: 
– Choice of appetizer (White Asparagus Cream Soup or Bacon-wrapped White Asparagus)
– Classic White Asparagus with a choice of one side (blackforest ham, gammon ham, smoked salmon or poached egg)
– Complimentary glass of Wittmann Pinot Blanc or 0.5L of beer

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