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Concert Review: Love Letter From Home by Dr Raul Sunico, Presented by Steinway Gallery Singapore

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Commemorating the launch of master piano makers Steinway’s latest product, the Spirio|r, Steinway Gallery organised two concerts at the Victoria Concert Hall to celebrate this new invention, with Steinway artists Dr Raul Sunico and Nat Yontarak headlining a solo recital each, both of course, playing on a Steinway Spirio|r.

With Dr Paul Sunico’s concert, titled Love Letter From Home, the Filipino pianist played a range of songs from his repertoire, from Rachmaninoff to Chopin, Wagner to a selection of his own renditions of Filipino folk music, including Buhat and Bato sa Buhangin. Throughout the recital, we were introduced to the capabilities of the Spirio|r and what possibilities this brought to the typical concert, considered ‘the world’s finest high resolution player piano capable of live performance capture and playback’.

To emphasise Steinway’s commitment to enriching connection and intimacy, Sunico’s setlist was soothing, with Rachmaninoff’s Preludes in C-Sharp Minor and G-Sharp Minor easing us into the evening. The songs chosen allowed him to show off the different intensities he was capable of and that had the potential to be played beautifully on the Spirio|r.

In essence, Sunico took us on a journey through his life, much like the YouTube docu-series that Steinway simultaneously launched, charting his achievements and life’s highlights over the years. Each of these pieces were layered, and it was a pleasure to see it all unfold as he played his songs, particularly those he helped compose and arrange, controlling his playing and bringing out the essence of his songs.

This showcase certainly did make us aspire to own a Steinway Spirio|r and set it up in our living room, so we too could play all our favourite tunes, and capture the best of the best forevermore, to show to our friends and family, and build stronger relationships purely through the power of music.

Pioneering Pianists Of Southeast Asia: Raul Sunico played on 3rd June 2019 at the Victoria Concert Hall. For more information on Steinway, visit their website here



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