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Preview: Dancers’ Locker 2019 by Frontier Danceland


Originally conceived as a platform for company artists to explore their own choreography, Frontier Danceland Dancers’ Locker has now become a mainstay of their annual performance calendar. Showcasing emerging choreographers as they develop their ideas, take risks and create dance works that are fresh and innovative, this year’s edition features choreographers Keigo Nozaki (Japan) and Ma Yueru (Singapore) as they present brand new works.

But beyond simply presenting new works, these performances will in fact, go beyond the usual theatre studio setting and instead, bring audiences to an unconventional space – the rooftop garden of the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, as both site-specific works use this unique view overlooking the twinkling lights of this dynamic city to dramatise and straddle the line between dance and visual art.

In Kunstoffe, Keigo Nozaki will present his explorations into the juxtaposition of the artificial with the organic. His piece will delve into the contrast between ordered versus natural beauty. Meanwhile, in Imprints, Ma Yueru will bring together two primal artforms – dance and pottery. With each action or decision comes the potential for creation, transformation or destruction; audiences will question what it means to be molded and remolded.

With Dancers’ Locker 2019 then, get ready to spend a fascinating evening with Frontier Danceland as they present brand new, site-specific contemporary dance performance  right in the heart of Singapore, and show off the exciting possibilities that’ve been percolating in these up and coming choreographers minds, finally coming to fruition.

Dancers’ Locker 2019 plays at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre from 26th to 27th July 2019. Tickets available from Peatix 

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