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Preview: Subtle Downtempo No by Murasaki Penguin and RAW Moves


Ever found a shirt that wouldn’t fit properly? Or made to feel like an outlier because you didn’t fit into the system? 

Coming to you this July as part of their 2019-20 season of Systems, local contemporary dance company RAW Moves and Australian/Japanese dance company Murasaki Penguin come together to present Subtle Downtempo No, a performance where, through dance, sound, light and the flow of time the companies share the experience of being an outlier that just won’t, or can’t sit on curve.

With this project, choreographer Anna Kuroda and sound and visual artist David Kirkpatrick from Murasaki Penguin utilise an interdisciplinary combination to understand the social and technical systems around us. David shares that the “focus will be on the effects social and technical systems have on individuals, communities and the perception of time”, where the collaborators will “explore how in aiming for reliability, simplicity and interconnectedness, systems can unintentionally, or by design, isolate.”

Murasaki Penguin adds: “We want the audience to feel a connection to each other and the performers, to reflect on moments in their lives where they have been a participant in a system greater than themselves, or an outlier separated from such a system; to feel a strong connection with moments within the work without necessarily knowing why.”

Subtle Downtempo No then aims to reach each individual audience on a subconscious level, with each person going away with a different view of and reaction to the work. Anna’s choreography will focus on graph motion, using different curved lines and points through the dancers’ bodies. This will be paired with David’s minimal sound design and ambient lighting which enables the isolation of areas that likewise, creates shapes, graphs and choreographs the movement of the light.

Subtle Downtempo No plays from 25th to 27th July 2019 at Goodman Arts Centre Multipurpose Studio 1 & 2. Tickets available from Peatix

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