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Preview: Singapore Tea Festival 2019 by teapasar

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With two successful editions behind them, teapasar’s Singapore Tea Festival is back this July and bigger than ever before! This year, the 3-day tea festival will be featuring over 50 tea time brands at the brand new location of Jewel Changi Airport, inviting guests to engage with and discover the world of tea.

Look out for new brand launches – including UK brand Pukka, known for their organic herbal teas, making its official debut here at the Singapore Tea Festival; and Kindred Teas’ bottled cold-brewed Rooibos Orange with Honey. For the first time, the festival will also feature bubble tea, where visitors can enjoy creative bubble tea flavours like Herbal Mint (Pei Pa Kao) Milk Tea from Woobbee, or the gorgeous blossoming floral teas that bloom as they steep with Pétale Tea.

Left: Herbal Mint (Pei Pa Kao) Milk Tea from Woobbee; Centre: Love Tea from Pukka; Right: Blooming tea from Pétale Tea.

For something a little sweet, get yourself some speciality tea chocolate by Fossa Chocolate x Pekoe & Imp. Flavour available include Oolong, Hongcha and Duckshit, these unique chocolates allow one to savour tea and chocolate in one bar. Plus, natural skincare brand oasis:skin is teaming up with teapasar to infuse real tea leaves into solid shampoos and conditioners to nourish hair right from the roots, showing you that tea really does make you beautiful!

Left: Specialty tea chocolates from Fossa Chocolate x Pekoe & Imp; Right: Tea-infused Shampoo from oasis:skin

For aficionados looking to deepen their knowledge, come attend masterclasses conducted by global and local experts to uncover unknown tea stories or gain insights to the tea cultures of Japan, Korea, Nepal and more. Get a little teatime action and watch the hottest talents battle it out for the top spot in the Tea Masters Cup and Kombucha Brew-off, organised by Australian Tea Masters and Fizzicle respectively.

This year, teapasar will also be launching a portable ProfilePrint – a rapid food scanner that identifies quality, taste profile and origins based on metabolomic fingerprint and machine-learning algorithms. Developed locally, it aims to bring greater transparency and efficiency to the food industry. The technology can even recommend the perfect foods that will compliment your selection of teas to bring out fuller-tasting, well rounded flavours for an enhanced tea time experience, just with a simple tap on your phone. Head to  teapasar’s booth at the festival to try it, and even redeem a complimentary reusable Yixing purple clay glazed porcelain cup at the same time!

With food authenticity becoming an increasing area of concern, it is important for consumers to know if they’re drinking real tea or overpriced misrepresented ones. And with ProfilePrint, the machine is able to identify the type of tea and country or region of origin, all without destroying the tea leaves. This technology forms the basis of teapasar’s assurance, ensuring that all the tea featured is very much authentic! Drinking real tea also ensures that we support legitimate businesses and farms, which can go a long way in building a strong, sustainable tea community and improving the quality and supply of the tea leaves we all love.

If you’re looking for a tea-riffic time, look no further than the 2019 Singapore Tea Festival, where you’ll be sure to discover a tea product, workshop or more to leave you ever more apprecia-tea-ve of the wonders of tea.

The Singapore Tea Festival runs from 19th – 21st July 2019 at Jewel Changi Airport. For more information, visit their website here

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