Exhibition Extravaganza: Liu Ling’s Of Ordinary Things at SPRMRKT at STPI and Benedict Yu’s Are You Home? at SPRMRKT at Cluny Court

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Now with two outlets, one at STPI in Robertson Quay and the other at Cluny Court, eatery SPRMRKT is closely linked to the local arts scene, and its art programme sees a rotation of art exhibitions every quarter, showcasing eight artists a year across its locations. Ranging from the emerging to established, SPRMRKT’s curation focuses on developing local and regional talent, as well as creating a wider appreciation for contemporary art among different communities. This July, they’ll be presenting Liu Ling’s Of Ordinary Things at SPRMRKT at STPI and Benedict Yu’s Are You Home? at SPRMRKT at Cluny Court.

Above (L-R): Of Days Gone By… No.1, 2018, Oil on canvas, 77 x 102cm; Of Days Gone By… No.3, 2018, Charcoal and modelling paste on linen, 120 x 100cm, by Liu Ling

Running from 13th July to 13th October at SPRMRKT at STPI, award-winning artist Liu Ling’s Of Ordinary Things is an exploration of realism in art. Founded on the desire to shed light on the ignored and forgotten aspects of life, Liu Ling leads a series of workshops ranging from charcoal drawing to scribbles of still life objects as she shares insights into her artistic inspiration and practice, giving guests a glimpse of the realities in daily living.

Intrigued about even the seemingly smallest of objects within her surroundings, the mercurial Liu Ling indulges her curiosity and proceeds to conceptualise intricate details of the tangible. In the process, she rediscovers the beauty of the ordinary. With her practice paying homage to the wonder of life and realism in art, Liu Ling’s experimental-based works often adopt the universal visual language of realism.

“I am excited to work with SPRMRKT to introduce the concept of realism in art to guests,” shares Liu Ling, as she expresses the mastery of her craft and obsession to portraying works that evokes a recognition for the realness of everyday objects. “Art surrounds us and through artistic expression, we can celebrate the fullness of life and discover the beauty in everyday objects. Together with SPRMRKT, I hope to be able to share my passion for art with all guests.”

In tribute to Liu Ling’s unveiling of a mural featuring SPRMRKT’s exclusive Chateau Beaulieu, Coteaux d’ Aix-enProvence Rose, Crossroads Beer alongside two of her paintings, SPRMRKT at STPI will be running an all-day promotion during the month of July. Guests who order a bottle of Chateau Beaulieu and Coteaux d’ Aix-en-Provence Rose are entitled to a choice of Asian Hummus & Flat Bread, Sweet Potato Fries or Oyster Corn Fritters on-the-house. In addition, as part of SPRMRKT’s Happy Hour promotion from 5pm – 8pm during the month of July, guests can enjoy a pint of Crossroads Beer for only S$10 (U.P S$12), for a refreshing and boozy indulgence at day’s end.

Above (L-R): Homesick (思鄉愁), 2018, Oil painting on canvas, 180 x 135cm; Descension, 2019, Acrylic on printed 4D cinema work, 84 x 59.5cm, by Benedict Yu

Meanwhile, over at SPRMRKT Cluny Court, get ready for multidisciplinary artist Benedict Yu as he wrestles with the concept of home in an evocative and poignant showcase titled Are You Coming Home?

“I am humbled by this opportunity to launch my first solo exhibition in Singapore with SPRMRKT. I chose to showcase this particular series as it is one of the more personal works that I have embarked on, and is a reflection of my experiences that have shaped me into the artist I am today,” shares Benedict Yu. “Together with SPRMRKT, we are delighted to invite guests to join us on an evocative journey in an exploration of the meaning of home.”

Born in Singapore but raised in Taichung, Taiwan, Yu encapsulates the struggles of being homesick for his childhood home in Taiwan juxtaposed with a sense of connection to his birthplace of Singapore. Through this series, utilising a range of media and techniques, such as oil paint, markers and digital painting, Yu explores the complexities of his experience as a Third-Culture Kid while investigating his relationship with the concept of home. Adding another dimension to the showcase are researched narratives from other Third-Culture Kids sharing similar tumultuous experiences, that are interweaved into his works. In a bid to reconcile his affinity for home, Yu creates the notion of islands within his renderings, thereby constructing a safe space for himself as he reconceptualises his definition of home. Embracing vulnerability as he traverses homesickness and uncertainty, Yu’s works culminate in a moving showcase of his emotional journey as he finds his way home.

As with every artist exhibition, hallmark of the brand’s signature cultural-culinary concept, the team at SPRMRKT elevates the experience with artists workshops and inspired dishes. SPRMRKT’s culinary team has then whipped up a Lion Head Meatball (S$12.90++), a simple yet comforting starter dish of minced pork, Chinese mushroom, and cabbage in a rich pork and tea broth. Available only throughout the duration of Yu’s showcase, the homely starter dish is a tribute to Yu’s go-to comfort food in Taiwan.

Of Ordinary Things runs from 13th July to 13th October 2019 SPRMRKT at STPI.
Are You Home? runs from 20th July to 20th October 2019 at SPRMRKT at Cluny Court.

For more information about SPRMRKT, visit their Facebook here


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