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Exhibition Extravaganza: The City We Love at URA’s Singapore City Gallery

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This August, in celebrating the urban landscape of Singapore, three young Singaporean artists will be exhibiting new works at URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority)’s City Canvas, Singapore City Gallery. Titled The City We Love, the exhibition presents three different perspectives of city living – current, abstract, and imagined – as inspired by the living conditions of Singapore.

As our urban landscape changes, so does our relationship to changing urban landscapes, and The City We Love then postulates an unrecorded past, present, and future. By utilising both familiar iconography and unconventional methods of presentation artists Dave Lim, Ernest Wu, and Sean Cham explore the beauty and the experience of city living through their own unique lenses.

For Dave Lim, the need to laugh remains as a core coping mechanism of his own with regard to urban regeneration and renewal. By rubbing structures of the past, present and future; the work is interested in locating the act of nostalgia, promise and hope. In a careful archival process, the works are carefully coated, stored for future reference, as an alternative archive that will capture the fleeting emotions of redevelopment.

For Ernest Wu, the work began with walks through the city’s void decks. Using the camera as a tool for meditation, he started to notice the everyday marks left behind in public spaces. This observation led to an awareness of the beauty already inherent in the urban environment. The simple images of these marks were then isolated from the background, leaving behind an abstract image. Printed on sketchbook paper, the abstract lines and patterns hint at the nature of the marks and present them as traces of what we leave behind in public spaces

For Sean Cham, his work stems from a continued curiosity and interest in ruins, traces, and things left behind. Buildings, for him, is evidence for an existence, and bears witness to a history, both mundane and significant. Through an accumulated database of extensive archival research, study of historical maps and images, and archaeological digs, the work begins to uncover the truths of pasts erased.

Says artist Ernest: “Singapore is such a small country but having lived in the same city for so many years, our perspectives and our attitudes towards what is happening around us differs for every individual living here. I think that variety and that range of perspectives brought the three of us together.”

The City We Love runs from 3rd to 28th August 2019 at URA City Canvas, Singapore City Gallery Level 3. Admission is free, for more information, visit their Facebook page here


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