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Preview: Moonfest 2019 by Esplanade -Theatres on the Bay

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Hotels have begun to hawk their mooncakes again, and you know what that means – the annual Mid-Autumn Celebration is back, and the Esplanade is having a bash with a weekend of family fun with the return of Moonfest!

Little Plum Blossom Xiqu Showcase

Come enjoy some of the very best traditional Chinese arts by local and international artists and companies. With the 15th edition of the festival, over 60 free performances and activities including xiqu (Chinese opera), dance, music, shadow puppetry, crosstalk, lantern riddles, and more will take place over a single weekend. Watch as under-14s from the Little Plum Blossom Art Troupe from China present classic xiqu excerpts, while the Taishan Shadow Puppet Art Troupe, also from China, shows off their skilful control of shadow puppets, singing and playing percussion instruments all at the same time in excerpts from classics such as Shi Gandang Fights the Evil Wolf, Frog-Turtle-Crane and more.

Taishan Shadow Puppet Art Troupe 

Witness street opera performances of classic excerpts by Sin Yong Hua Heng Teochew Opera Troupe under a moonlit night, and come witness Chinese crosstalk mixed with a cappella music by Soo Wee Seng, Ho Jia Wen & The Apex Project. Singapore’s top radio group Yu Jian Huang Chong is set to feature folk, dialect and xinyao music, and memorable movie theme songs, while the ever-popular Lantern Walkabout returns to give everyone a chance to play with free lanterns while exploring the Esplanade grounds in the night.

Lantern Walkabout

For those interested in getting a hands-on experience with traditional arts, a series of ticketed Parent-Child Workshops will also be available, where families can bond and learn more about xiqu, shadow puppetry and Shaolin martial arts, or make their own lanterns. You can even come learn how to play a hulusi (a folk wind instrument from China that is shaped like a gourd) at the Let’s Learn to Play the Hulusi! ticketed workshop conducted by Jonathan Tan from Dicapella Dizi Ensemble.

Silvery Moonlight, Swaying Shadows by
National University of Singapore Chinese Dance

With performances galore, plenty of festive spirit and a little magic in the moonlight, come delve into the world of traditional Chinese arts and spend a meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival with the Esplanade at Moonfest 2019 this September!

Moonfest 2019 runs from 13th to 15th September 2019 at the Esplanade. Tickets and more information available here

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