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Hotels & Holidays: 129 Days of Summer at Club Med Tomamu, Hokkaido

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Hokkaido may be known for its gorgeous winters, but did you know that summer can be just as splendid? Club Med Tomamu invites you to explore this beautiful season with 129 Days of Summer. Taking place from 6th to 27th September 2019, guests not only will enjoy the resort’s all-inclusive packages, but also look forward to specially curated activities by local and international partners that Club Med has put together just for this period.

Relax with a wide range of activities available for all – beyond the usual summer activities such as Mountain Biking, Hiking, and Fishing, one can also enjoy a series of specially curated programmes,  with plenty of yoga in store. Be at one with your body with Sweat & Breathe Class with Cheryl Lin of EAT, TRAIN, LOVE, or have a Yoga & Barre Class with Betty of Yoga Lab.

Document your Hokkaido journey with Club Med and fulfil your wanderlust with the resort’s whimsical programmes such as leaving your mark as part of your memories created with Club Med’s Live Painting activity, or even learning to build your own microscope. Immerse yourself in Japanese culture with the resort’s Origami Making Class, Mochi-making workshop or even Japanese Calligraphy workshop.

Club Med will also be introducing its first-ever eco-music festival, Green Beats, for guests to come together and explore new conscious habits through hands-on workshops organised by local eco organisations and celebrate the beauty of nature with stellar performances by international celebrities from across Asia, all in one weekend from 14th to 16th September 2019. Be pampered with a wide range of unique activities, dining options, including an authentic yakiniku experience and fresh Hokkaido produce and ride a different wave at Club Med Tomamu, Hokkaido with 129 Days of Summer.

Visit Club Med’s website to find out more about 129 Days of Summer or here for more information on Club Med’s first-ever eco-music festival, Green Beats.

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