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Preview: Being Mrs. Gandhi by HuM Theatre


The last time local theatre company HuM Theatre produced a show was back in 2016, with We Are Like This Only 2. This October, they’re back with a brand new production, presenting new play Being Mrs. Gandhi at the KC Arts Centre, about the life of the wife of iconic Indian civil rights activist Mahatma Gandhi.

Written and directed by Subin Subaiah, Being Mrs. Gandhi stars Daisy Irani as Kasturba, the titular Mrs. Gandhi. Kasturba is a “simple” woman who is unwittingly sucked into the maelstrom of political history by virtue of being married to Gandhi. From here, what follows is a story of Gandhi himself, as seen from the perspective of Mrs. Gandhi, inextricably interwoven as her life revolves around his, from Rajkot to Johannesburg to India, from ashram to ashram, from jail to jail, from suppression to freedom.

Yet at the same time, by having Kasturba as the narrator, audiences are in for more than a simply biopic or history lesson – instead, watch as she narrates her tumultuous life, filled with provocative gossip as she recounts her husband and showing just how strong of a woman she is. Tracing her way out of the shadow of her husband, listen to her speak of child marriage, illiteracy and casteism to take on her man and his mission, all said with her entertaining blend of passion, common sense and wry humour.

Joined by co-stars Gauraangi Chopra, Yogesh Tadwalkar and Krish Natarajan, with a set by Wong Chee Wai, multimedia by Genevieve Peck, lights by Alberta Wileo and sound by Manoj Kumar, come watch as the story of one “simple” woman takes centre stage and unfolds into an epic, entertaining tale of struggle, motherhood and love with Being Mrs. Gandhi this October.

Being Mrs.Gandhi plays from 4th to 12th October 2019 at the KC Arts Centre. Tickets available from ShowTickets


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