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Hotels & Holidays: Club Med Bali’s Eat, Play, Renew Returns For Second Year


Club Med, the leading pioneer of premium all-inclusive holidays is back with the second edition of their successful ‘Eat, Play, Renew’ programme, which features unique traditions and cultures of the beautiful island of Bali that will put families at ease and at peace through Club Med Bali’s specially curated activities. The programme will run from 8th to 29th October 2019.

“Nestled within all the beauty and rich heritage that Bali has to offer, Club Med Bali is the perfect place for guests to relax and recharge.” says Xavier Desaulles, CEO of Club Med APAC. “With our Eat, Play, Renew programme, we hope to give our guests a well-deserved break through a curated line-up of activities that will help them get back in touch with themselves and the world around them.”

Your holistic journey begins by adding some Balinese dishes to your cooking repertoire, such as Balinese Chicken Curry or Red Snapper Fillet cooked in Pepes. A simple step-by-step demonstration by their chef will have you cooking up a storm in no time. For those looking to continue working with their hands, the traditional Balinese fruit carving workshop led by the Mertarauh Bali team is a perfect chance to learn the ancient art, with participants getting to express their creativity with a variety of fruits.

Available all-year long, guests can feast on a wide selection of sumptuous dishes from the Balinese culinary scene, as well as partake in an international array of dishes to fulfil their culinary desires. The Balinese Coffee & Tea workshop allows guests to discover a new appreciation for their favourite morning beverage, grown by local Balinese farmers. Taste and smell the fresh aroma of the coffee beans and tea leaves, while deepening your understanding of how they are harvested and sourced.

Four culturally-rich and fun activities are also created especially for Club Med’s Eat, Play, Renew programme. Presented by Kita Art Community, guests can get into the swing of things with Balinese Koreo Dance classes and immerse themselves in this ancient dance tradition that is part of the religious and artistic expression among the Balinese people. The dancers apply special techniques in the dance through bodily poses, eyes and hand gestures. A trip to Bali is not complete without witnessing the spectacular fire dance also known as the Tari Kecak. The enchanting traditional Balinese performance narrates the story of prince Rama on a journey to rescue his wife, Sita from king Ravana. Tari Kecak is also unique as no musical instruments are used other than the acapella from dozens of dancers chanting ‘Ke-Chak’ rhythmically.

Selfie lovers can rejoice with Djunaidi Kenyut of Cata Odata’s ‘I Love Me Selfie Project’ available at Club Med Bali. Participants can take their selfie game to the next level by tracing their face on a mirror and drawing a selfie using a permanent marker and engraving technique. It’s the perfect souvenir to bring back home to showcase to friends and family. Guests can also try their hand out at tie dye at a Tie Dye workshop to create one-a-kind patterns for unique beachwear perfect for lounging around the beaches of Bali. Readily available for guests to enjoy at the resort are also a plethora of Club Med’s signature activities, such as the soaring heights of the Flying Trapeze by the beach – dare yourself to have a try. For those looking to immerse themselves in the island’s beautiful setting, nothing compares to the excursions to discover the scenic rice terraces of Bali. For the more adventurous, a trek up Mount Batur to catch the sunrise or, for lovers of marine life, a dive into the world of Jemulak Bay will create some unforgettable memories.

Club Med Bali is also ideal location for families, offering a selection of tailored experiences for children and teens, to ensure that they too get an unforgettable holiday experience. Children aged 2 to 3 can enjoy themselves at Petit Club Med with the resort’s trained G.Os. Young ones can enjoy creative activities such as arts & crafts and face painting. Kids from age 4 to 10 years old can join the Mini Club Med for an adventurepacked day that includes group games and outdoor activities like beach volleyball and the eco-friendly Clean Art Planet, golf and the signature Little Circus. Older children aged 11 to 17 can make new friends at Junior Club Med and enjoy thrilling sports such as trapeze and archery.

A selection of wellness programmes await those seeking inner peace. Starting with Cheryl Lin, a Singapore based personal trainer of ‘Eat, Train, Love’, guests will be guided through a barre, yoga and more, providing a range of activities that will help you sweat it out or slow down. Guests can also explore the fascinating world of essential oils with Club Med Spa by Mandara Spa, learning about the unique benefits of each oil, and even taking home their own custom creation. Also by the Mandara Spa are Balinese massage classes that will lead you through different massage techniques, giving you the best ways to relax yourself and your loved ones from the comfort of your own home. The Club Med Spa by Mandara Spa is the ideal destination to find peace and tranquillity. Guest can heal their body and mind with the help of traditional Balinese massage methods. The Zen pool also offers a soothing soak for those looking to ease their tired legs in the the island’s soulful and peaceful surroundings.

Visit Club Med’s website to find out more about Eat, Play, Renew 2019

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