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OH! Open House 2019: AIYOH – Art In your Own Home (Preview)


Following the success of PASSPORT in early March this year, OH! Open House is launching a brand new platform titled Art In Your Own Home (abbreviated to AIYOH) – to build an ecosystem to make art part of everyday lives.

AIYOH encourages and provides opportunities for individuals to build their stories with artists and creatives. The first-ever edition, PASSPORT, involved six 45-minute art experiences co-created by six pairs of artists and hosts and inspired over 50 attendees to sign up to be a collaborator for future editions.

Says Cheryl Beh, a financial consultant who dabbled in the arts for the first time with PASSPORT comments: “I’ve always enjoyed what OH! does, and thought that it would be interesting to see what happens behind the scenes. After being an attendee, then a volunteer for OH! Emerald Hill, I decided to take the plunge and sign up as a host, especially as the topic for the next edition resonated with me.”

Today, Beh is one of three hosts that are part of the second and upcoming edition, AIYOH:
BEING WELL this November. She is currently collaborating with performer Pat Toh to create a new participatory movement piece about their pursuit of wellness.

AIYOH invites artists/creatives and individuals to explore themes or current issues together. At the early stages, OH! looks for artists and individuals match-makes them based on how well their interests match. After being matched, both parties go through a period of residency to get to know each other and create a 45-minute art experience together.

Cheryl X Pat’s piece about working out

Toh, who is currently collaborating with Beh for the upcoming AIYOH: Being Well, said, “The process has been feeding into my artistic interest of the body. So it has been really great for me to hang out with Cheryl, to find out about her attitude towards her body and the way she approaches movement. I had to reconsider my perceptions towards performance and expand my strategies in making.”

AIYOH – Being Well began with the question ‘What is being well?’ Over the past 3 months, 3 pairs of artists and hosts came to discuss being well, taking the conversation beyond contemporary wellness and lifestyle trends to everyday rituals and activities they carry out in pursuit of wellness. Beyond Cheryl and Pat, Being Well will also feature artist/host teams Nithiya working with Supei & Mike, and Yen working with Pauline.

Nithiya, Su Pei and Mike’s work about eating well

For Nithiya, Su Pei and Mike, the trio wondered if food will increasingly taste the same in the future, focusing on the idea of eating well, as they came together to imagine and taste the future of food in their unique art experience. Meanwhile, Yen and Pauline tackle what it means to allow the outside world into our homes, and how we can carve out a safe space in the home to rest and rejuvenate.

Kirti Upadhyaya, Assistant Curator of OH!, expressed the need for such a platform, commenting: “AIYOH allows individuals to become more connected to the places they live in through creative means. By working with an artist to tell stories through art, individuals can relook at their neighbourhoods and homes through a different lens, and uncover new perspectives they had never considered before.”

Yen and Pauline’s work about safe spaces and relaxation

“We hope that AIYOH will form a strong community of artists and individuals who can tell their stories and create art together. For the artists and creatives, we hope that AIYOH gives  them a chance to explore new ways of art-making. We also hope to empower individuals to see that they too, can be a part of the art-making process,” Upadhyaya adds.

AIYOH: Being Well takes place on 16th, 17th, 23rd and 24th November 2019 across various locations. Tickets and more information available here


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