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The Great Singapore Replay Season Two Reveals the 10 Music Acts to Watch Out For In 2020


Singapore investment company Temasek has announced the ten emerging music acts that were picked from 231 submissions following a three-week nationwide open call for The Great Singapore Replay (TGSR) Season Two, which Temasek is presenting. The 10 artists are: ABAGSAPAU, aeriqah, Fingerfunk, Marcus 李俊纬, Marian Carmel, NAMIE, RENE, The Cold Cut Duo 雙節奏, whirring, and zalelo.

The submissions spanned a number of genres, languages, styles and influences of music and were assessed by a panel comprising industry experts from Sony Music and Warrior Records, together with established artists—Charlie Lim, Joanna Dong, Kelly Pan, Sezairi, and Shabir. These 10 emerging acts stood out for their suitability to the unique offerings of TGSR in terms of growth potential, talent and musicality, depth of material, character, and personality.

“At Temasek, we are honoured, for the second time running, the opportunity to work with an outstanding group of young musical talents in search of an appreciative audience. Revelations of this year’s discovery have exceeded our expectation. I’m sure supporters of local music scene and music lovers in our midst will be delighted with the tremendous crop of talents unveiled,” said Mr Robin Hu, Head of Sustainability and Stewardship Group at Temasek.

Guided by the five established artists, these homegrown music talents will hone their craft and showcase their artistry with the release of 10 original new songs. The selected talents will undergo a professional production experience, comprising song-writing workshops, song arrangement and recording. It will also include the marketing and creating of individual artists’ brand, and the launch of their songs on popular music streaming platforms.

The new made-in-Singapore songs will be inspired by mashups of distinct tunes from five iconic eras of Singapore’s history and five modern music genres. A total of 26,000 votes were cast by members of the public for their favourite inspiration source for these original song creations between 23rd October and 10th November. Charlie Lim will be working together with Marian Carmel and RENE on indie mashups; Joanna Dong will be working together with Namie and Zalelo on jazz mashups; Kelly Pan will be working with Marcus and The Cold Cut Duo on pop mashups; Sezairi will be working with aeriqah and Fingerfunk on urban mashups; and Shabir will be working with ABANGSAPAU and whirring on electronic mashups.

Speaker of Parliament Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, who is also TGSR community ambassador said, “Music connects individuals and binds us as a community. It is an intimate expression that brings joy not just in its creation but more importantly through its sharing. I’m excited by the vibrancy of the music scene in Singapore. TGSR offers Singaporeans the opportunity to enable and showcase our talent. It allows us to have a fresh look at our heritage, to appreciate it through a different lens of soundscapes and music.”

The TGSR Season 2 Showcase Concert will be held at Gardens by the Bay on 18th January 2020, with their original songs set to be distributed on music streaming platforms in January 2020. Five webisodes on the transformational journey of the emerging music acts will be released fortnightly starting 21st November 2019 on the TGSR website.


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