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Food For Thought: BreadTalk Brings an Abundance of Good Fortune To Chinese New Year 2020


As with every festive season, local bakery BreadTalk is back with more creative confections this Chinese New Year! Look forward to a selection of new buns, cakes, cookies and desserts specially for this season, each one handcrafted with ingredients associated with good luck for you to bite in and get a head-start to a prosperous year ahead. 

Bring home cakes to delight visitors, from the refreshing Zesty Dreams lemon butter cake with desiccated coconut and limes to add a little extra juice to it, to the moist Blissful Delight prune cake topped with a hint of dark rum, to the light Orange Almond Wheel financier, with nutty-taste of browned butter top off with orange slices.

BreadTalk is of course, known for their hot buns, and to celebrate the Spring, brings to their stores specially-designed buns to bring bountiful blessings for the year ahead. Look forward to the Prosperity Pineapple, a twist on the popular, crusty Hong Kong Bo Luo bun that contains pineapple custard and is topped with matcha powder.

As the Year of the Rat, you won’t want to miss out on the adorable Golden Mouse – a sweet bun infused with chocolate cream cheese and topped with sliced almonds and cocoa chips to make it look exactly like a cute rodent!

Be sure to get your hands on the Fortune Pillow – a soft French bun with a traditional greeting to bring you plenty of luck for the year. Jam-packed with fragrant pork floss and smoky bak kwa chunks for a delight in every bite.

Other festive breads including the sweet, sticky and chewy Nian Gao bun made with glutinous rice flour; the Berry Sweet Success featuring a croissant topped with sweet strawberries; and making its return this year, the favourite Yammy Treasure, a freshly baked ingot filled with sweet yam.

Perfect as gifts, BreadTalk has also specially curated a seasonal collection of Chinese New Year cookies, jelly and financier to share and enjoy with your loved ones. Aromatic and freshly baked, the Cereal Cookies, Butter Cookies and Chocolate Cream Kueh Kapet are staple New Year goodies for every household. Sold in a set of 8, A Pocket of Wealth cookies, Lucky Gem and Little Mandarin financier cakes and Osmanthus Ingot dessert jelly are also great gifting options for your relatives and friends this season.

Make your Chinese New Year be an extra aBUNdant one, with snacks and goodies from BreadTalk Singapore,

BreadTalk Chinese New Year buns now available at all BreadTalk outlets in Singapore till 8th February 2020. For more information about BreadTalk and its promotions, visit or

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